Are you ready for some epic adventures ahead? Welcome to the world of One Piece where amazing characters bonded together to embark on a perilous yet exciting journey. As one of the most successful anime and manga series, One Piece is very popular around the world. It spawns a plethora of incredible merchandise for the faithful One Piece fans. Read more about One Piece Malaysia below to find out.


Guide to Buy Gifts for One Piece Fans

Even to this day, the world of One Piece remains a well-celebrated universe that enjoys amazing support from faithful fans around the world. It is ironic that the world of pirates has seemingly united the whole world to engage in classic swashbuckling adventure or radical piracy action. Most importantly, the narrative of One Piece is admirable because it continues to run since day 1 itself. Needless to say, it has been said to be one of the most successful in the history of anime and manga.

As One Piece fan, you can be confused since there are a tone of One Piece merchandise in the market. In other words, it is very easy to be spoilt for choices. Thankfully, there is an amazing map to search for these iconic One Piece treasures that can fit your plunder list. Hence, this is a simple guide for you to buy One Piece products for yourself and other fans to complete your collection.

One Piece Figurine Series

MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates

Produced by MegaHouse, the Portrait of Pirate figurine series boasts high quality detailing on its figures since all of them are part of the Excellent Model branding. Sometimes, the One Piece fans refer it as One Piece : P.O.P. Generally, each figure stands about 22cm or 9 inch tall (1/8 scale) and it also comes with a base for support. While the figure does not have any articulation, each has been issued with additional weapons and accessories that can be removed.

Original Series

When it comes to collecting and displaying, One Piece fans will be very delighted to have them in their collections. Furthermore, the MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates or One Piece : P.O.P. has been said to be highly sought after among the One Piece fans because this particular series contains the best One Piece figures in the market especially in terms of detail and quality. The original Portrait of Pirates series spans through 4 different parts. Comprised of 12 distinct characters that you love or love to hate in One Piece, the original Portrait of Pirates gives you Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Chopper, Nico Robin, Ace, Tashigi, Vivi, Nami (2nd version), Bell-mere and Smoker.

Excellent Model Neo

Eventually, the series has been reissued with "Neo" designation on the figurines. Despite the new improvements on the Neo figurines, it is unsurprising to see the original Portrait of Pirates are still being preferred by most One Piece fans. In the first glance, the Neo or Excellent Model Neo series are similar to their original counterparts. If there are changes, they are just minor changes. Spanning 7 parts and 2 extensions, this series comprises of 17 distinct characters and you actually have 18 distinct figurines since Nami has her two versions. The figurines are Luffy, Nami, Ace, Vivi, Franky, Zoro, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, Chopper, Sanji, Nami (2nd version), Shanks, Sogeking, Nico Robin, Brook, Rob Lucci, Carue, Smoker, and Tashigi.

Overall, the improvements in this series have been considered as amazing since they are more detailed and more faithful to their portrayals in the manga. Not only that, all of these figurines are also more robust and durable. Basically, their designs make it easier for you to pose them in their dynamic actions.

One Piece Chopper Hat

As another iconic accessory of the One Piece universe, many One Piece fans will be thrilled to have this in their collections. Now, you can be your pirate crew's doctor with this One Piece Chopper Hat. Even if you are not familiar with One Piece, you always know that Tony Tony Chopper or human/reindeer hybrid wears his signature top hat with a sideways medical cross. Amazingly, this lovely One Piece Chopper Hat exudes the high level of craftsmanship in its construction. Made from leather and real deer antlers, this incredible One Piece headgear is the perfect replica of what the toddler-sized pirate would wear in real life.

Alternatively, you can always for the cute and soft version of the One Piece Chopper Hat if you do not fancy the leather and real deer antlers. Moreover, it can be worn comfortably since it does not contain that hard and rigid leather. Not just that, you can always wear it to channel your inner One Piece fan vibe!

One Piece Devil Fruit Charms

We all know that the Devil Fruits are prominently feature in the world of One Piece as these mystical fruits can give the eater different levels of strange and interesting abilities. No one knows that you can use Devil Fruits as amazing accessories for your smartphone or keychain. While these lovely One Piece Devil Fruit Charms do not confer you special and interesting abilities, you will enjoy the sight of them wherever you go. These dangling accessories from the world of One Piece is certainly a great way of celebrating the richness of that universe. As such, a true One Piece fan definitely must get this for the collection.

One Piece Pirate Flag

Without the iconic Luffy straw hat logo on the pirate flag in your possession, it definitely does not feel right as a One Piece Fan. Moreover, it does not make any sense (neither One Piece) if you do not have one lying in your room.Now, all you need to do is to get one and brand your room with proud banner. Besides, you can set fear and terror to those that enter your room without any invitation. Indeed, this room only belongs to true One Piece fans and fellow pirates or adventurers.