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The Olympus Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in optics and photography. The company first began in 1919 – almost a century old! They also have the world's largest market share of clinical endoscopes (an illuminated optical tube that is slender and flexible to look deep inside the human body for health related reasons). They also produce a variety of cameras for the consumer market, ranging from compact point-and-shoot cameras to ruggedized cameras.

Olympus Stylus

Compact point-and-shoot cameras in many different series. The X-Series provides high quality images with the use of premium Zuiko lenses. The S-Series are scameras with a strong focus on image stabilization systems to ensure blur-free and shake-free photography. The T(Tough)-Series are ruggedized cameras with waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof ratings to protect it from harsh elements.

Olympus OM-D

These are DSLR cameras with advanced photographic features such as manual controls and adjustments for the exposure, aperture, and focus. The OM-D cameras also have the capability to exchange its lenses with one of its own brand or a compatible brand; exchanging lenses gives the photography different quality and unique features such as in sharpness, light, aperture, and also effects like fish-eye and close-up macro. Starts at about RM2000 onwards.

Olympus PEN

Cameras that are similar to the OM-D, but in more stylish and classic designs which harkens back to the days of film cameras. A wide range of accessories are also provided to enhance the experience with the Olympus PEN to suit every occasion.

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Olympus — the brand that brings simplicity of the past and combines it with technology for a unique and pleasurable photographic experience. Learn more about Olympus latest line of cameras and photographic gear here.

Digital Voice Recorder Low-noise directional stereo microphones Intelligent Auto Mode adjusts the recording levels 8GB Built-in memory Built-in USB connector Built-in Stand Low-cut Filter eliminates lower-frequency noise Ideal dictation device tool for meetings and more. With high-performance stereo recording and smart functionality, the new Ws-853 digital voice recorder is sure to become your ultimate business partner. Particularly the Noise Cancel function is ideal for crisper, clearer playback quality with any audio recording in any situation. Stereo feeling in every recording. The low-noise directional stereo microphones with a 90° layout deliver a superb stereo feeling – enabling you to feel even the smallest details of the meeting. Regardless of where the person speaking is located or the direction of speech, you can clearly capture the information. Does the adjusting for you. To make listening to your recordings more comfortable, Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the recording level to match the volume of the sound source. When a speaker is talking very loudly, the recorder reduces the input level, and for soft voices the recorder increases the input level – to always provide an even level of volume. Made for beginners. Just as perfect for advanced. With two different display modes, you can use your voice recorder even if you are a beginner. Simple Mode displays only essential information in large font and limits the menu options to frequently-used functions. For advanced users, full functionality of menu options is available in Normal Mode. The simplest way to save data. Save data easily and conveniently with the built-in USB connector. Simply slot it into your PC or Mac to transfer voice recordings from the device to an external hard disk drive. You can also use it like a USB stick to share documents. For the Ws-853, the USB connector has an additional internal battery charge function for further peace of mind. Micro SD Card Slot For microSD/SDHC cards up to 32Gb. Built-In Stand Convenient for desktop recording. Technical Info Shadowing Learn foreign languages with ease. Speech Shadowing is an effective way to learn a foreign language - allowing you to repeat what you hear right after hearing it. This mode combines audio playback with silent playback in succession to help you easily learn any language. Noise Cancel Enjoy crisp, clear playback. Ideal for recording meetings, the Noise Cancel function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient sounds for crisper, clearer playback quality. Built-in Memory: 8 GB (Max. Recording Time: 2080 hours) External Memory: microSD / Sdhc (up to 32Gb) Recording Format: MP3 Power: Alkaline Battery Read more
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Olympus M Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Interchangeable Lens International Version (No Warranty)
RM 4222.70
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Olympus (REPLACEMENT) LI-50B Battery for XZ10 XZ1 VR340 VH515 VH410 TG820 TG810 TG610 SZ31 SZ30 SZ20 MJU9010 MJU8010 MJU8000 MJU6020 MJU6010 MJU1030 SP810
RM 50.00 RM 70.00
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Olympus BLS-1 Camera Battery
RM 99.00
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Olympus Olympus WCON-07F Wide Conversion Lens for Olympus SP-310/350 Digital Cameras
RM 736.90 RM 808.40
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Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm f/4-5.6 "R" Zoom Lens, Black, for Micro Four Thirds System
RM 549.00 RM 699.00
*Prices updated on 21 Aug 2017

Olympus Malaysia offers the best Olympus digital cameras and lens

A towering brand — Olympus Malaysia

Back in the old days, Mt. Olympus was associated with Greek mythology. The mountain was believed to be the home of 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Today the name Olympus stands strong as the mountain. As the trademark of one of the world’s leading camera brands, Olympus is a towering fusion of today’s technology and yesterday’s simplicity. Founded in Japan by Takeshi Yamashita in 1919, Olympus was first known as Takachiho Seisakusho. In 1942, another name change brought it to Takachiho Optical Co., Ltd and subsequently Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. in 1949. In 2003, it was renamed to what it is today, Olympus Corporation.

Olympus Corporation has products in Medical, Life Sciences, Industry and its most well-known industry — the imaging field. Read on to learn more about the technology developments of Olympus Imaging.

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Fusion of the past and present digital camera technology

Olympus produces a wide variety of cameras. Each camera is distinct in its make and design. One interesting feature Olympus flaunts is the ability to integrate past design and styling with futuristic technology. Take for example the frame of the OM-D series. The lightweight, rigid, two-toned coloured body resembles the first generation OM cameras. Look inside and it’s a different story. Sensors and circuit boards now replace the old film and gears. Digital HD photography replaces analog film photography. Even the other models such as the PEN series mirror the older versions. It’s this sense of nostalgia coupled with hope for the future that gives photographers the pleasure of using Olympus cameras.

Some of Olympus Malaysia’s top digital cameras

Olympus OM-D

A beautiful timeless frame sits around the Olympus OM-D models. Competing with cameras in the DSLR range, the OM-D models seem to have an advantage. One look and you’ll be able to see why. The design incorporates a slim size that is light weight making the OM-D an easy camera to work with. Professionals choose the higher range OM-D models such as the E-M1 or the E-M10 Mark II while newcomers go for the E-M10 model. Clear, sharp images characterise every shot taken to give you a satisfying photographic experience. Made to outperform DSLR cameras, the OM-D models comes equipped with the Live MOS sensor, DUAL FAST AF and extended Wi-Fi controls. All these features are created to enhance this product to last for years. So, find your best view with an Olympus OM-D available at iprice.
Olympus PEN models

Olympus PEN is a camera series that’s sure to titillate your photographic curiosity. Built on a small frame, the PEN is the special child in the Olympus family. The company takes pride in its sleek, compact design for the PEN series camera and claims it to also be a type of compact DSLR. As a hybrid camera, the PEN EPL models such as the latest EPL-7 come with a standard M. Zuiko wide angle lens and can be interchanged with other zoom, macro or wide angle lenses for varying situations and desired effects.
For those who love to take “selfies”, the PEN is a great camera choice. With an LCD screen on the back of the frame, mounted on a 180º swivel, the user can flip the screen to see his or her reflection while snapping the selfie. However, there is no in-built flash. So, Olympus made a portable flash option that can be mounted on the bracket on top of the frame. The device also allows for RAW shooting and filtered effects which is perfect for people on the go. The Olympus PEN is the perfect blend of versatility, compactness and quality.
Watch the following video to know what you can do with the Olympus PEN

Olympus Tough

You are filming a pool party. Your friends playfully tackle and pull you into the water. With your camera in hand, you’re dragged underwater. You feel a surge of panic followed by relief as you realise that your camera is waterproof up to 10 meters deep and it is also shock proof. This unique experience is what you’ll get when you own an Olympus Tough digital camera. Small, lightweight, sturdy and solid, this little gadget is truly one of a kind.
Did you know that the camera is also freeze-proof? It can withstand temperatures up to -10 °C weather. Its revolutionary zooming mechanism is unlike any other digital camera. Up to 5x zoom, the lenses work vertically inside the body casing instead of extending outside. This prevents shock damage on the lenses. Take it surfing or diving, hiking or travelling, this durable little gadget adapts to your roughest and toughest lifestyle. Are you tough enough for Olympus Tough?

Past, present and future with Olympus Malaysia

The OM-D, PEN and Tough series are just 3 models you can choose from Olympus’ armada of photographic and video gear. Olympus lenses also come in all shapes and sizes for any type of photography. Mix and match your favourite combinations to get the most pleasurable photography experience. Along with the gadgets, Olympus provides expert advice on shooting techniques and tips on camera usage and maintenance. Wondering where to go to find Olympus merchandise? Look no further! With great deals and discounts, iprice is proud to bring Olympus to your doorstep.

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