Brighten up the darkest moments of your life with Olight’s range of illumination tools. Providing lighting tools that are affordably priced, Olight Malaysia makes sure that your life is always enlightened. Read more about Olight Malaysia below.


Olight Malaysia Price & FAQ – Illuminating Your Life

With a simple belief that no one should be left in the dark, Olight’s mission is straightforward; illuminate as many lives as they can with their products. Olight has made it their personal mission to provide the best quality illumination products to everyone, pushing their products beyond boundaries so that no one needs to struggle in the darkness without the presence of light any longer.

Olight Malaysia – Lighting Up the Lives of Malaysians

Established in 2006, Olight has been dedicated to providing the best light sources for its consumers. Olight is a global lighting company driven by modern technology and the desire to provide the best for its consumers. Initially targeting adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, Olight wanted to produce reliable and versatile light sources in small, portable packages possible for these individuals to bring along in their escapades. After breaking into the outdoor lighting and flashlight markets in Europe, Olight started to branch out their ventures into the tactical market by manufacturing products tailor-made for law enforcement and government agencies. Today, Olight Malaysia’ library of products also include lighting tools for everyday use.

In order to ensure that their products are up-to-par and that they practice what they preach, Olight uses its own products every day to ensure that they are able to fulfil the Olight promise. The quality designs and functionality of Olight’s products are key factors that enable them to expand the network of their products to a global scale, covering countries such as Malaysia. Now, Malaysians are able to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy Olight Malaysia’ wonderful range of flashlights and other illumination tools by purchasing them online via online sites such as iPrice Malaysia.

Olight Malaysia – Cutting Edge Technology for Brighter and Further Reaching Light

In order to provide portable, reliable, and durable light sources to its consumers, Olight Malaysia uses the latest cutting-edge technology in innovative ways to ensure that its flashlights are always top-notch. Here are some of the technologies that Olight Malaysia implements when producing its flashlights:

ANIS FL1 Standard – These specifications are commonly found on most packages of flashlights today. The ANIS FL1 Standard is a set of guidelines that determine a flashlight’s performance, in terms of criteria such as light output, peak beam intensity, beam distance, run time, and water resistance. Olight Malaysia tests their flashlights to the ANIS FL1 Standard to ensure that the flashlights they produce achieve the top scores for each of these criteria.

LED Diodes

Olight Malaysia uses the latest Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) as the primary illumination source for their flashlights. LEDs provide many more advantages compared to other traditional alternatives such as incandescent bulbs. LEDs are very durable, capable of lasting for thousands of hours, and are more resistant to shock and vibration. Moreover, compared to other light sources which will burn out and stop working, LEDs will only produce lower light intensity over a long period of time, meaning that they become less bright yet still useable. LED lights are also eco-friendly as they do not contain harmful chemicals and are recyclable. They are also more energy-efficient compared to other conventional light sources.

Tempered Window Lenses

Olight Malaysia’ flashlight lenses are further strengthened with three different coatings, each with its own respective functions: anti-fog, beam-enhancing, and anti-scratch coatings. These coatings prevent moisture and fog from attaching to the lens’ surface, reduces reflectiveness and increase beam output intensity, and prevents scratches.

Anodized Aluminium Body and PC/ABS Plastic

Olight’s flashlights are made from revolutionary aerospace aluminium alloy, making them extra hardy and durable, resistant to damage from impact, crushing and bending. This also enables the flashlights to be manufactured in small, light, and portable designs without compromising strength. Moreover, Olight also uses Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Styrene (PC/ABS) plastics, which is known for its strength and low-temperature properties. Hence, Olight’s durable flashlights are ideal to be used for search-and-rescue missions, hunting in the dark, and other tactical tasks.

Olight Malaysia – Wide Range of Products for the Malaysian Market

Olight Malaysia has a wide range of illumination products that are capable of catering to all lighting needs. From pocket-sized yet durable and bright flashlights to headlamps, to speciality flashlights, Olight Malaysia is the ideal choice for your lighting needs.

  • Flashlights – Whether you are using it as a light source to travel around in the outdoors in the dark, or in search and rescue missions, or simply as an emergency light source in case your home encounters a blackout, Olight Malaysia small yet hardy flashlights are reliable alternative light sources that provide ample illumination in all occasions.
  • Headlamps – Going into areas that require both your hands to manoeuvre, or performing tasks that require the usage of both hands, yet still in need of a light source? No worries – Olight Malaysia also has headlamps in their inventory that you can fix around your head, ideal for first responders and law enforcers who usually need both of their hands to perform tasks effectively.
  • Speciality Flashlights – Besides the carry-to-anywhere flashlights, Olight Malaysia also has a wide range of speciality flashlights of different builds and sizes, for different usages, such as if you are camping, searching for victims or hostages in the dark, or if you are cracking down on crime and performing covert operations in the middle of the night.

Olight Malaysia’ Products Now Available Online on iPrice Malaysia

Taking into account the brightness, ergonomics, runtime, size, and weight, Olight designs lighting tools that are the perfect companion to illuminate your path as you venture into the great outdoors, protect the authority of the law, or simply for everyday use. Do not wait any longer; purchase your very own Olight Malaysia’ products online at iPrice Malaysia via our partner merchants, Galleon, Gearbest, and Lazada. Conquer the darkness and let there be light!

What is Olight?

Olight is a flashlight or torch company hailing from the United States. It offers flashlights in all shapes and sizes, perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts as well as homemakers.

Where is Olight manufactured?

While Olight originated in the United States, Olight torches are manufactured in Guangdong, China. However, all designs are made in the United States.

Are Olight torches good?

Olight LED flashlights are reliable as they are long-lasting and can provide sufficient lighting no matter where you go. Olight offers lights of all prices so no matter what your budget is, you can always be illuminated.

What is the best Olight?

The best Olight product you can get is the Olight SR II 1000. It has a rechargeable battery, a magnetic charger, and a clip so you can use it as a headlamp. While it might be on the pricier side, the Olight SR II 1000 is versatile and long-lasting, so it is worth every penny.