OKI is a company that has innovated technology to spearhead the future. Today, you can get OKI products such as OKI printers in Malaysia by shopping online at iprice. Check out your options below or find out more about OKI in Malaysia here.


OKI in Malaysia – The best in printer technology

Everything is aye-OKI

In this information age, transference of data is something we take for granted. But back in the day, the pioneers of data transfer and data processing slaved to make life easier for us. One brand at the forefront of the data sharing revolution is OKI. Today, OKI in Malaysia is spearheading the search for the best in printer and printing technology from across the globe. Developing the most technologically advanced printers, cartridges and much more, OKI becomes the favourite brand for most Malaysians, particularly in the printing industry. OKI products and services can now be found online at the OKI online store on iprice. Here you’ll find all your printing needs to move forward. Find out more about OKI in Malaysia below or browse the products above to go straight to shopping.

  • OKI in Malaysia – The best in printer technology
  • OKI History
  • OKI – Open up your dreams
  • OKI printers – Your trusted friend
  • OKI laser printers
  • The best OKI printers only at iprice

OKI History

The great history of OKI started with one man – Kibataro Oki. With a vision for the future, Oki set out to convince his nation about the importance of information in terms of communication. Founding a variety of companies throughout his lifetime, which started with Meikosha, he paved the way for OKI to become what it is today. Throughout OKI’s successes, the company innovated many breakthroughs in science including:

  • Prototype vacuum tube
  • Portable printers
  • Military wave magnetron
  • Type-600 telephone
  • Thermal printer
  • ATM related technology

All these breakthroughs in modern technology have become part of the company’s portfolio. With these achievements, our technology is what it is today. This should give enough credibility to the name OKI today. Let’s take a look at what OKI is all about today.

OKI – Open up your dreams

Open up your dreams. Such is OKI’s vision for the future. The passion for a society that is safe, secure and enriched is part and parcel of OKI’s mission. The ability to pursue one’s dreams, to accomplish all the ambitions one sets out to do is the driving factor behind this posthumous brand. Propelling the company into success while innovating technology to enhance our lives, OKI has steadily served the world with its technology. This concept is seen in every one of OKI’s products today. Quality and integrity is upheld at every stage of manufacturing, production and distribution of products all over the globe. Whether it’s pioneering the forefront of technology with the latest innovations or building networks to connect people across the globe, OKI has a huge place in our hearts. Let’s look at some of OKI’s best products in the market today.

OKI printers – Your trusted friend

We’ve already looked into the repertoire of OKI products. Let’s zero in on which products suit you best. To begin with, let us look at OKI printers. Built from the ground up, OKI printers were made with quality and structural integrity in mind. Every one of OKI printers were designed with the user in mind. OKI printers range from OKI inkjet printers to OKI laser printers. Of course the more relevant of the two is the latter. So let us look at OKI laser printers for a start.

OKI laser printers

OKI laser printers, much like any other brand of printers, can be divided into two types. The first type is the single function printers. The second type are the multifunction printers. OKI single function laser printers usually only have printing function in their system. If all you want is a printer to print clear, fast and efficiently, you should go for the single function laser printers. Multifunction printers, on the other hand, sort out a variety of tasks at the same time. Most multifunction laser printers come with fax, Wi-Fi compatibility, scanning features and photocopying capabilities. Some other options you could get are the Mono printers that have multifunction capabilities. Some options for OKI printers you could get are as follows:

  • OKI C831n Mono Printer
  • OKI MC362dn A4 Colour MFP Printer
  • OKI MC362dn - A4 4-in-1 MFP Duplex Network Colour Laser Printer
  • OKI Microline 790 A4 24-Pin USB/Parallel Dot Matrix Printer
  • OKI C931dn Mono Printer
  • OKI C810n Mono Printer
  • OKI 2nd Paper Tray A610
  • OKI C321dn Mono Printer

The best OKI printers only at iprice

Now that you know more about OKI printers, it’s time for you to get shopping! Grab your Oki Printers with great deals of up to 19% discount! Some of the best Oki Printers are #44951525 - C301dn Printer (Item No: C301dn PRT), MC362dn - A4 4-in-1 MFP Duplex Network Colour Laser Printer (Item No: MC362dn) and B2200 Black Printer Toner Cartridge. Look out for other reputable brands like Canon, HP and Brother if you think Oki Printers are not your cup of tea. Oki Printers are usually sold for RM 90.00 - RM 13882.00 on iprice. You can either choose between a laser or inkjet printer. Oki Printers today are mostly sold in Black depending on your preference.