Ogawa is a popular health and wellness retail store in Malaysia, specializing in massage devices. If your massage chair is experiencing some problems, the article below includes tips to keep your Ogawa massage chair in mint condition.

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How to Fix Your Massage Chair with Ogawa Malaysia | FAQs

Today, there is a wide selection of massage chairs available that provide many different massage techniques. Every model of Ogawa massage chair you see on the market offers various features. With that, you must figure out your needs to choose the right massage chair for you. Since most massage chairs come with a hefty price tag, it’s important that you know some repairing tips that will save you a visit to the manufacturer.

If your massage chair doesn’t start

Check the power button and power cable of your massage chair, and see if there’s any damage or improper installation. You have to make sure that the outlets offer enough power for the chair to perform properly. To know whether the power outlet is working properly or not, check by plugging in other appliances like humidifiers. On the other hand, if you have blown a fuse, make sure to turn off the power and have the fuse replaced with a similar one.

Heat Controls are not functional

Just turn on your massage chair and select the heat mode setting. After that, see if you are receiving the right level of warmth on all sides of your backrest. If you feel that it’s not working correctly, then contact your massage chair dealer and get the product replaced.

Massage techniques not performing properly

  • Check whether the massage settings work properly according to your body position. If you see that the massage head can’t reach other parts of your body, say your shoulders, then you should adjust the position of your chair accordingly.
  • If you feel that the backrest of the massage seat is not working, then you should get the air pumps replaced as well as the chair’s base. To accomplish this, get assistance from your massage chair dealer.
  • High-end massage chairs like those from Ogawa Malaysia feature buttons to adjust the width with foot and calf massage. You can make adjustments in width depending on your preference. If you see that the LED doesn’t lit when you press the button, just keep pressing and adjust to the narrowest width setting. If the problem still exists, you should contact your massage chair dealer for replacement of these components.

Other types of massager from Ogawa Malaysia

Aside from all the good benefits an Ogawa massage chair can offer, the brand also carries a myriad of other kinds of massagers. They range from foot massager, handheld massager, mobile seat massager, beauty tools, and so much more. Some of the brand’s most popular items include the Tapping Foottee massager, 3 in 1 Facial Cleanser, Smart Galaxia, Smart Jazz, Smart Vogue Prime, and Master Drive Plus. Browse our extensive catalogue of Ogawa Malaysia products and discover the best price for your next purchase.

FAQs about Ogawa Malaysia

Where is Ogawa from?

OGAWA is a 100% Malaysia homegrown brand which established in Malaysia since 1996 and still growing each day to provide health and wellness products to everyone at an affordable price.

Which massage chair is the best in Malaysia?