When it comes to shoes, bags and other leather goods, trust no other brand other than Obermain Malaysia. In terms of quality and design, you can never go wrong with choosing this spectacular German brand. Check out Obermain’s exciting products such as shoes and bags below or read more about Obermain Malaysia.


Leather has Never been this Good with Obermain Malaysia

Leather is a classy, elegant, and rustic material that can be used to make shoes, bags, belts, wallets, and other small accessories. With proper care, leather items can last for years; the more you wear it, the better it looks. Providing you with excellent quality leather items is Obermain Malaysia and their selection of shoes, bags and accessories. Their modern take in creating these fine leather items makes them stand out amongst their competitors. So if leather items is what you are looking for, Obermain is the brand of choice.

About Obermain Malaysia

Since 1888, Obermain Malaysia has been providing excellent quality, handcrafted, and stylish leather items particularly shoes. Originating in Germany, the bratnd first created footwear for both men and women but throughout time, they have ventured on to making other products such as bags and wallets. Until today, their shoe collections are still a popular choice because of its quality and wide selection of designs that would transcend many fashion seasons. From European shores, Obermain is now available in Asia Pacific with concept stores in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Grab your favorite Obermain items now!

Obermain products that you would love

Obermain Malaysia specializes in creating shoes, bags, and accessories from leather and other durable materials. The brand pays attention to each of their product’s design and construction, ensuring customer satisfaction with their leahter products. Here are some of Obermain’s magnificent creations for both men and women:

Product Men's collection Women's collection
Shoes Markus, Gareth, Lorenzo, Senderos, Hansbury, Walker, Barack, Travis, Clapton, Herbert, Dallison, Drogba, Carter Hillary, Jenna, Jamie, Jessica, Teressa, Ivory, Natasha, Natalie, Agnes, Adrienne, Aurell, Katty, Roseani, Shelly, Aily, Michelle, Rosaura
Bags 1, 2, 3, 4 Stacy, Juli Brook, Kale, Ariana
Wallets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

What makes Obermain shoes stand out?

Since Obermain was first established in 1882, the brand has been dedicated to creating durable and stylish footwear for men and women. Continuing their heritage as one of the best shoe-makers in Europe, Obermain further invests in product research and improving their footwear components. Aside from its stylish design, Obermain takes footwear to the next level with innovative designs and patented technology to make each step more comfortable.

Active gel and flex

Have you ever wondered why Obermain shoes are so comfortable? You would be glad to know that each Obermain shoe has Active Gel and Active flex technology that makes your step more comfortable than the last. Using a multi-layered foot bed with various densities including a layer of supple latex foam, durable polyurethane base, and soft leather, Obermain provides the ample support that your foot needs. Aside from that Obermain Active Flex technology adds flexibility on the forefoot, making it more comfortable in each stride.


Another great thing about Obermain shoes is its T-curve outsole which is tough, lightweight, and bendable. It is covered with leather to provide maximum arch and provide additional support to the soles of your feet.

Air cool

Obermain is all about making your feet more comfortable with each step, and with that comes the Obermain Air Cool technology. Obermain shoes are equipped with built-in air cusions that pumps air in and out for long-lasting comfort. Wearing Obermain shoes for the first time, you can instantly feel the difference.

Vol sprung

If the Obermain Air Cool technology is comfortable, you should check out the brand’s built-in Vol Sprung shoe-pad which traps moving air and adds additional cusioning to your feet.

Active grip

Aside from its comfort factor, Obermain shoes also features Active Grip - a distinctive lateral outsole which enables superior traction on each step. It’s high rubber composition enables you to walk on wet or dry surfaces. Regardless of how fast or slow you walk or the kind of environment you are walking on, you would need the friction that the Obermain Active Grip provides.

Duo guard

Obermain takes into consideration the stress that the outsole undergoes while walking, that is why the brand developed a Duo Guard technology that strengthens the outsole, providing better protection on our feet. On top of that, the duo guard also provides enough friction to counter oily surfaces and provide additional flexibility and thus, comfort your feet.

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Obermain gives a whole new meaning to leather goods and accessories. The brand has been existing for more than a century; giving you exccellent quality footwear that’s equally stylish and durable. Aside from their exciting line of Obermain shoes, the brand also has bags and wallets for both men and women. Check out our collection of Obermain products at iprice!