Electronic dance music or EDM is taking the music industry today as much as grunge music is popular in the 90s. With that, a lot of people are now learning to create their own music from different pre-recorded sounds and mixing them with different beats and effects. With the help of technology and a little bit of a musical know-how, you can create your own EDM tunes with Novation Malaysia. Check out novation products below such as the all-time favorite launchpads, synths, circuits, and keyboard below or click here to know more about Novation Malaysia.

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Novation Malaysia - Music Production at your Fingertips

Music is both a science and an art. Scientific in a sense that accuracy, timing, and technicalities are involved in producing music and an art form which expresses emotions and ideas. While the idea for creating music is simple enough, it can be a little bit complicated when it comes to creating the right sound, especially when no instrument is able to play such a tone in such a specific timing. Understanding that need for perfection in musical production, Novation Malaysia has a great selection of controllers that enable modern musicians to create a unique tune for their production.

Novation Malaysia

Creating unique sound for musicians, Novation was first founded in 1992 by Ian Jannaway and Mark Thompson. Their very first product, the Novation MM10 is a battery-operated controller with full-sized keys, designed to work with a Yamaha workstation. Driven by innovation and technology, the MM10 was then followed by the Novation Bass Station which is also known as a Bass Station keyboard and is revered as a classic and iconic synthesizer. Novation continued to innovate the electronic music scene with their products until in 2009 where they released the Novation launchpad which is a keyboard-less MIDI controller with illuminated 8 buttons. This was regarded as an iconic instrument used by big names in the music industry such as Madeon and Bonobo. Being a division of Focusrite, Novation has become a household name in music production, especially when it comes to producing unique sounds in the most precise timing you could ever get from a MIDI controller.

About Focusrite

If you have had experience in creating music, then you would know that Focusrite is one of the biggest names in music. Behind the scenes, Focusrite has been producing some of the world’s most iconic artists such as Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and other multi-awarded artists. Focusrite creates mainly professional-grade audio interfaces and mixers.

The hottest artists using Novation

Using Novation products has become a staple in the music industry because of its easy-to-use functions, and can run on any system, platform, or software you wish to create music. It is such as preferred controller that many big-time artists today are using it on almost all their songs. Bonobo, Lorde, Madeon, Daedalus, Alt-J, Crew Love, and XXXY are all using Novation to create eargasmic tunes.


Simon Green AKA Bonobo has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music since 2000 with his unique and eargasmic beats. While Bonobo is known in the indie music scene, he has worked with mainstream names such as Erykah Badu and Floating Points. Bonobo uses a MiniNova as part of his live rig and playing keys with his Bass Station II.


When Lorde droped her Pure Heroine album in 2013, everyone just went crazy and started singing “Royals”. Winning a Grammy in the process, Lorde creates soft and slow tunes with her Novation Impulse 61 despite being only 17 years old. This Kiwi sensation continues to create heart-touching lyrics and working with top names in the pop scene.


Madeo AKA Hugo Leclercq is a musical innovator despite his young age, rising from the depths of YouTube with “Pop culture” - a mixture of the most iconic tracks from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, with his launchpad and Zero SL MkII. Today, Madeon rubs elbows with the likes of Deadmau5, Lady Gaga, and Skrillex, transitioning from an Internet sensation to a full-blown artist.


Representing the LA scene, Daedalus combines traditional music such as jazz and classical with ambient, electronic music. Daedalus is a band known to break the music nomenclature, performing a wide selection of sounds produced from the Launchpad, Ableton and other novation products.

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When it comes to music, be it traditional or electronic, Novation Malaysia makes it all easier for you. Using the latest technology in music production, Novation continues to innovate their products for better response, a wider range of tones, and added features which you can’t get in any other brand. Shop for the hottest Novation products today such as the Novation launchpad, Novation synths, Novation Keyboards and so much more!