Now that your little one is finally here, things seem to be getting easier. Yet, this is not an excuse for you to stop taking care of your health and well-being. There are postnatal care steps that you need to take and Malaysian brand, Nona Roguy, will make these steps way easier. Read more about Nona Roguy products in the article below.

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Nursing Made Easy with Top Products from Nona Roguy in Malaysia

Nona Roguy is a Malaysian brand that carries products for post-natal care. Their products are all made with natural ingredients extracted from natural sources.

What is postnatal care?

Essentially, postnatal care refers to the steps that you take and products that you use after you have given birth. New mommies must perform a series of postnatal care steps to ensure that their reproductive organs are returning back to normal and functions like it did before the pregnancy. Not only that, due to the tremendous pressure and pain the mothers went through during childbirth, they will need time to recover and regain their strength. That is what postnatal care is all about in a nutshell.

While postnatal care encompasses many areas like diet and psychological health, Nona Roguy products specifically target the reproductive area. It’s imperative that the system regains its health after a childbirth. With Nona Roguy and its all-natural products, this step will become a whole lot easier.

Top Nona Roguy postnatal care products

The products and sets below are just some of Nona Roguy’s best-selling products. They are extremely affordable and accessible since Nona Roguy is a local brand that also allows external resellers to market their products.

Nona Roguy Herbanika Postnatal Set

Whether you chose natural birth or a C-section surgery, this Nona Roguy set is perfect to jumpstart your postnatal care. All the products in this set uses a blend of organic and natural tropical rainforest herbs found in the region. The set includes Nona Roguy Phytonatal tablets, Hebanika Roots, Herbanika Oil, Herbanika Barut, Herbanika Lulur, and Herbanika Feminine Wash.

Nona Roguy Herbanika Lulur

Lulur is a kind of Malaysian body scrub and the Nona Roguy Herbanika Lulur is an herbal scrub perfect for mothers going through postnatal care. The scrub will get rid of all dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. When mixed with rose water, the scrub will help the skin to look more youthful and vibrant if used regularly.

Nona Roguy Herbal Balm

This multipurpose herbal balm can help with muscle cramps, skin irritation, redness, rashes, and swelling. Although its use is to reduce nasal congestion, it can be applied nearly anywhere. For new mothers, this Nona Roguy balm can be used in cramped areas to treat discomfort and relax the muscles.

Nona Roguy Feminine Wash

Any supplements or vitamins will not be sufficient if new mothers don’t take care of their private parts directly. The Nona Roguy Feminine Wash helps prevent discharge, itchiness, redness, rashes, or any discomfort caused by the childbirth process. When taken with the Phytonatal tablet, it will help clean the womb from any leftover discharge from the pregnancy and childbirth.

Other than these products, Nona Roguy also offers skin care and bath and body products for all new mothers going through postnatal care.