Let's face it, we often pay the least attention to moisturise our entire body. However, since many of us get exposed to environmental elements on a daily basis either indoor (air-conditioned room) or outdoor, skipping to moisturise the body part can cause dry skin or cracked heels. With over a century of experience, Nivea has proven to be a trusted household skincare brand and is one of them we have tried at least once in our lives. Read on to know more about Nivea body lotion and browse the products below!

What is Your Skin Type | Can Nivea body lotion be used for the face?


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Best Nivea Body Lotions To Try Out in Malaysia

Who cares about your skin more than you? It’s Nivea. For decades, this brand came under Beiersdorf, has been taking care of all your skincare and personal hygiene needs. It believes in crafting products according to your skin biology. Here are some of their best body lotions to keep your skin hydrated at all times!

Nivea Extra White Insta Glow Body Lotion

This Nivea whitening body lotion contains an instant light reflector that has a visible white glow right from the first use. It also has SPF15 PA+, which effectively prevents the skin from harmful UV rays which cause sun damage. Thus formula incorporates a special blend of Deep White Essence, concentrated whitening extract that restores and nourishes the skin with utmost care for fairer and vibrant skin.

Nivea Extra White Repair & Protect SPF30 Lotion

This Nivea body lotion contains formulas that protect skin against UV rays with SPF30 PA++ and helps to prevent skin damage. 50x Vitamin C also helps to fix repair dull and damaged skin, as well as even the skin tone with regular use.

Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Milk

The Nivea body milk is infused with the Nivea Deep Moisture Serum and 2 x almond oil. The patented Nivea formula is based on the fact that our skin's deeper layers contain ample moisture. It acts as the unique composition of the skin's own moisturiser, providing oil bind and retains water in the skin, keeping it from evaporating into the surrounding environment. The perfect combination of high-quality ingredients of Nivea body milk and body lotions together with the serum penetrates deeply into the skin, locking moisture and providing deep moisture for 48h.

What is Your Skin Type

Each individual has a unique set of skin which can either be normal, dry, sensitive, and oily or a combination of one or two types. Since each person is unique, not one can work for the other. To help you get started, here are some tips that would help you look for the perfect Nivea body lotion depending on your skin type:

  • Normal skin - maintain your skin's moisture. Any type of body lotion would be able to help you keep your skin smooth and healthy.
  • Dry skin - maximum hydration needed. What you need are occlusive moisturizers that would help bring back moisture to your skin. Body butter is always great body care to kickstart your skin's daily hydration.
  • Sensitive skin - hydrate, repair, and soothe. Find a body lotion that is unscented and is not heavy on the skin but can still provide a smooth and moisturizing effect.
  • Oily skin - the exact opposite of dry skin, regulate hydration but do not constrict. Oily skin is prone to break-outs which are caused by blocked pores and sebum. Focus more on cleansing and unclogging your pores, and then provide an adequate amount of body lotion for hydration.

Can Nivea body lotion be used for the face?

Yes, the Nivea body creams and lotion can apply to the face, body and hands. The condition is that you don't have sensitive skin on your face. Nivea also has a wide range of facial products for different skin needs that the brand advises you to use.