If you say 'skin care', Nivea is probably one of the brands you can think of. Place your trust in the Most Trusted Skin Care Brand of 2013 and shop for their hottest skin care and body care products below. Read more about how to choose the right body lotion from Nivea below.


How to Choose the Right Body Lotion from Nivea Malaysia

Nivea has an exciting selection of body care products including conditioners, body scrubs, shower gels, and a whole lot more. However, Nivea lotions are perhaps some of the brand's most popular. From moisturizing, brightening to age-defying, and firming varieties, Nivea has quite the selection of lotions. To help you out, here are some great tips on how to choose the perfect lotion for your skin.

What Type of Moisturizer do you Need

When choosing a Nivea lotion, the first thing that you need to do is choose what type of moisturizer do you need. Essentially, there are two types that you need to know about:

  • Humectant Moisturizer - this type of moisturizer comprises mostly of water and small amounts of oil. With water being the largest part of its constituents, humectant moisturizers provide immediate hydration towards the skin. Several products including milks and creams fall into this category.
  • Occlusive Moisturizer - this type of moisturizer, on the other hand, uses mostly oil as the main ingredient which helps retain water in the skin. Two primary examples of occlusive moisturizers are body butters, body oils, and ointments.

What is your Skin Type

Now that you know the two types of lotions, the next thing that you need to know about is what skin type you have. Each individual has a unique set of skin which can either be normal, dry, sensitive, and oily or a combination of one or two types. Since each person is unique, not one can work for the other. To help you get started, here are some tips that would help you look for the perfect Nivea lotion depending on your skin type:

  • Normal skin - maintain your skin's moisture. Any type of lotion would be able to help you keep your skin smooth and healthy.
  • Dry skin - maximum hydration needed. What you need are occlusive moisturizers that would help bring back moisture to your skin. Body butters are always a great way to kickstart your skin's daily hydration.
  • Sensitive skin - hydrate, repair, and soothe. Find a lotion that is unscented and is not heavy on the skin but can still provide a moisturizing effect.
  • Oily skin - the exact opposite of dry skin, regulate hydration but do not constrict. Oily skin is prone to break-outs which are caused by blocked pores and sebum. Focus more on cleansing and unclogging your pores, and then provide the adequate amount of hydration.

If you want to know what skin type you have, you are always free to consult with a dermatologist.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

Personal preference will always be a factor on what ingredients do you want on your lotion. Whether you want brighter skin, younger-looking skin or healthier skin, Nivea has the right lotion that would help you achieve all your #skingoals. For body butters, ointments, and oils, ideal ingredients are beeswax, shea butter, lanoline, and even petroleum jelly. If you are looking for creams and milks to hydrate your skin daily, aloe (also with anti-inflammatory properties), hyaluronic acid, honey, mango and cocoa butter, and also shea butter are great ingredients to have on your lotion.

The Application

Using a lotion is pretty straightforward; simply lather the product onto your skin or affected areas and leave to dry. Ideally, lotions are applied twice a day after a shower for maximum results. Massage well to allow the product to penetrate your dermis and stimulate blood flow.

Nivea's Top 5 Body Care Products

If you are looking for a good body care brand, then Nivea should be amongst your top choices. Here are the brand's top five body care products that you should incorporate on your daily beauty regimen:

  1. Nivea Extra White Firming Body Lotion - a non-sticky lotion that will whiten your skin gradually with constant use.
  2. Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner - get instant silky soft and water-like skin with this convenient moisturizer that’s filled with Sea Minerals.
  3. Nivea Lip Essential Care - enriched with Jojoba Oil and natural Shea Butter, this lip balm will effectively care for your lips and prevent them from moisture loss.
  4. Nivea Visage Deodorant Black & White - this roll-on deodorant offers 48 hours reliable antiperspirant protection and will prevent yellow stains on your clothing.
  5. Nivea Crème Body Crème - this iconic moisturizer will suit any skin type and can be used in all parts of the body even as a lip moisturizer, split ends, dry elbows, and hands.

Aside from these five body care products, Nivea also has a selection of other beauty items that you should check out. Scroll up now and bring back your skin's natural beauty with Nivea Malaysia!