Nippon Paint features Japanese premium paints that are built for high performance with intuitive features. Nippon Paint Malaysia has a variety of different paint products that will suit every decorative need. Get the best price on Nippon Paint products in Malaysia now!

How much is Nippon Paint? | Nippon vs. Dulux: Which is better? | How do I choose Nippon Paint?

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Nippon Paint Malaysia: Japanese Quality Paints

Nippon Paint is a Japanese paint manufacturing company that was founded in 1881. Although founded in Japan, the main Nippon Paint distributor in South East Asia is Nippon Paint Singapore established by Goh Cheng Liang in 1955. Today, the brand strives to create and invent new paint solutions and higher performance products that can withstand the use of any industry, including architectural and general consumer use. Nippon Paint Malaysia also focuses on making sure their paints and products not only perform well but are very environmentally friendly.

Products from Nippon Paint Malaysia

Nippon Paint produces paints that are not only of high quality, but they are also very intuitive, with many features that enhance the general consumer's use. Their more intuitive paints include Nippon Paint Odour-less Premium all-in-one, a paint that is almost truly odour-less and also with a near-zero volatile organic compound that reduces pollutants. Despite the safe formula, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of colour. Your interior and exterior walls will be more vibrant than before.

Another high-grade paint is the Nippon Paint Easy Wash, which gives the paint a slightly stain-resistant compound so that it is easy to clean. The Nippon Paint Weatherbond Flex is a durable paint that is specifically made for exterior surfaces that offer a very tough resistance against exterior dirt, fungus, and very harsh weather such as storms and rain. If you are looking for a brand of paints to enhance and decorate your home with, Nippon Paint offers a variety of amazing paints just for that.

How much is Nippon Paint?

The price of Nippon paint in Malaysia depends on the make. Basic colours with a basic coating formula would be relatively cheaper. On the other hand, special paint for the exterior with waterproof coating can be more expensive. You can purchase Nippon Paint in any hardware store near you. You can also buy Nippon Paint online through Lazada and Shopee. Make sure you know for certain which colour you want to get before buying paint online.

Nippon vs. Dulux: Which is Better?

When choosing paint, it's important that you select one with little to no VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Nippon paints contain 0 VOC while Dulux paints contain 50 grams per 1 litre. Based on this data, Nippon Paints beat Dulux in terms of safety.

How do I choose Nippon Paint?

Picking paint colours can be a long, tedious job. Many things can go wrong as you move from the inspiration and design process to the purchasing stage. If you’re not sure how to start, here are some tips to help you pick the right colours for your home.

  1. Observe the patterns of your furniture.
  2. Use the colour wheel.
  3. Follow the rule of threes.
  4. Visualise the colours.

It is also good to keep in mind the mood you want to imbue in every room. For instance, the bedroom should be relaxing so pick any warm colour like brown, beige, and taupe. In the kitchen, promote clean, refreshing mood with a bright colour like white, mint green, or ocean blue.

Aside from all that, the paint that you choose for interior and exterior painting needs to be different. Exterior paint requires a more potent formula as it needs to withstand harsh weather, wear, and tear. Interior needs contain little to no odour so it can be safe around family members and loved ones.