Regular gaming console? Check. Portable and lightweight? Check. Multiplayer gaming? Check. The possibilities of what Nintendo Switch can do are endless. Find out more about Nintendo Switch Malaysia below.

Why the Nintendo Switch is the Perfect Gaming Console for All Types of Gamers

Released in 2017, this Nintendo console is nothing short of revolutionary. It prides itself as a hybrid console that supports multiple gaming modes, catering to all kinds of gamers across the globe.

A hybrid gaming console

No other gaming console provides a 3-in-1 gaming mode before the Nintendo Switch was released. The device supports modes like TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode. Dock your Nintendo Switch and connect it to the TV to enjoy HD gaming on your own or with other people. If you don’t have a TV, you can also play multiplayer games on Tabletop Mode by simply flipping the stand on the back of your console and detach the Joy-Con controllers. Lastly, if you’re more of a solo gamer, play Handheld Mode by attaching the Joy-Con controllers.

Bond through multiplayer gaming

One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is the multiplayer mode of up to four people. Each Joy-Con controller can be independently used on its own and you can buy extra Joy-Con controllers to let your family and friends in on your exciting game.

There are three multiplayer options available: Local Co-op, Local Wireless, and Online Play. Local co-op, also known as couch co-op, lets you play at home on TV mode with your friends and family. Local wireless allows you to link up to eight other Switch devices around you without the Internet. For online play, you’d need a Nintendo Switch Online membership so you can play with other people across the world.

Fully customizable

The Nintendo Switch comes in two variants: Gray Joy-Con and Neon Red & Blue Joy-Con. You can also purchase extra Joy-Con controllers to switch up the colours. The current colours available are Neon Purple, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, and Blue. Aside from the regular Switch, you can also opt for the Nintendo Switch Lite. This console is perfect for solo gamers and those who are always on-the-move. The Nintendo Switch Lite is available in the colours of Yellow, Turquoise, Grey, and Coral.

A myriad of quality games

Nintendo Switch currently supports more than 2,000 games. Play Nintendo classics like Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and more. Additionally, you can also play fan-favourites and trendy games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Overcooked, and The Witcher 3. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are also indie games available like Stardew Valley, Celeste, Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, and more. Browse all of these games on the Nintendo eShop, accessible directly from your Switch home screen.

Nintendo Switch Frequently Asked Question

How much is a Nintendo Switch in Malaysia?

The Nintendo Switch price in Malaysia is RM1,699 on Lazada. You can also get limited edition Nintendo Switch like Animal Crossing, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon, Diablo, Dragon Quest, Splatoon 2, and Pokemon Sword & Shield. Of course, the limited edition Switch will cost RM100 to RM300 more than the regular models.

How much does the cheapest Nintendo Switch cost?

The cheapest Nintendo Switch is the Lite model. The Nintendo Switch Lite price in Malaysia is RM959 on Shopee. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a more compact, handheld-only console that can still support some Nintendo Switch games. The only downside to owning a Lite model is there’s no couch co-op or tabletop mode. If you mostly play on your own and on-the-go, the Switch Lite still makes a perfect companion.

What games does the Nintendo Switch have?

Some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games are Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Splatoon 2, Stardew Valley, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and The Witcher 3.

What are the best games on Nintendo Switch in 2020?

There’s a reason why Animal Crossing: New Horizon is mentioned in this article several times. As of March 2020, this is the best game on Nintendo Switch that you can get your hands on. Move to a faraway deserted island, decorate your home, make animal friends, plant flowers, and collect fossils to donate to your island museum. You can also opt for multiplayer mode and invite people or visit friends on their island.

How do I buy Nintendo Switch games?

You can choose to buy your Nintendo Switch games physically or digitally. To obtain your physical games, go to your nearest game shop or check online stores like Lazada or Shopee. To get your games digitally, sign up for a Nintendo Account with the region set to the United States. If you set it to Malaysia, you won’t be able to access the Nintendo eShop, where all the games are available for purchase.