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If you are looking for the best sports and lifestyle brand today, nothing is more popular and sought after than Nike. Nike Malaysia gives you a selection of premium basketball shoes online! Scroll down below and take home your own pair or click here to know how to choose the perfect basketball shoe for you.

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High Performance Nike Basketball shoes

Nothing says sports and lifestyle better than Nike Malaysia. Known for its iconic basketball shoes such as the Air Jordans and other signature pro-models, the brand is popular amongst shoe collectors and athletes because of its iconic designs, top quality, and high performance. Established by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman, the brand has soared from a simple retail store to a gigantic fashion and sports icon. On top of being the choice brand for athletes, Nike is also famous amongst celebrities such as Kanye West and the Kardashian sisters, rappers Drake, and Jay Z, Kirsten Stewart and so much more!

Reasons to love Nike Basketball shoes

  • Aside from being an iconic shoe brand, Nike has some of the best basketball shoes worn by many athletes inside and outside the court such as his Airness himself Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and so much more.
  • Nike also shares a long history of creating iconic basketball shoes, some of which costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars per pair.
  • Another reason why you should opt for Nike basketball shoes is the overall comfort. With the right pair of Nike basketball shoes, you can bring out the best in every game.
  • A great thing about Nike basketball shoes is that there are tons and tons of different colorways to choose from!
  • While most consider Nike to be a high-end brand, spending for your high-end shoes gets you more than what you paid for in terms of quality, design, and exclusivity.

How to choose the perfect Nike basketball shoe

A good brand like Nike doesn’t always mean it’s the best shoe for you. There are tons of things to consider when choosing the right Nike basketball shoe that would boost your performance. Here are some quick points that would help you find the perfect basketball sneaker:

  • Know exactly what you need inside the court. Different players have different needs, whether you are a power or speed player, an offensive or defensive, or executes direct plays or assists.
  • Choosing the right ankle height. Ankle height plays an important role in a basketball shoes’ performance in terms of support and pressure relief. The higher the ankle height, the less speed it contributes. So if you are a player that relies on speed and agility when playing, then a low or mid-cut Nike basketball shoe would suit you best.
  • Always get the right size. When it comes to any shoe, getting the right shoe size is important to avoid discomfort and injury. When it comes to basketball shoes, never sacrifice comfort for looks.
  • Know your budget. Always set a budget when you shop online for basketball shoes. A good brand like Nike doesn’t come cheap but will always give you the satisfaction and comfort of a premium basketball shoe.

Buy Nike basketball shoes online!

For more than 50 years, Nike has been prividing excellent quality shoes, not only for basketball but for almost every sport existing today. Collaborating with athletes and fashion icons around the world, the brand has created several lines of iconic merchandise including their exclusive line of basketball shoes.

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