Among the most popular shoe line from Nike Malaysia is the Nike Free. Browse for your own pair below or click here to know more about Nike Malaysia.

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Run the Extra Mile with Nike Free!

Nike Malaysia is one of the biggest lifestyle brands, not only in the country but also around the world. The brand is known for its clothing, accessories, bags, and most importantly, Nike sneakers. Among Nike’s best selling shoes is the Nike Free - a series first introduced in 2005. This shoe is well-known for its minimalist designs, after Nike representatives observed sponsored track athletes training barefoot.

What makes Nike Free different?

On top of being a worldwide brand, Nike has different shoe lines that had contributed to its success and one of them is Nike Free. What makes Nike Free so different from other Nike running shoes in the market is its design. On lower part of the shoe, it features “deep cuts” or sipes covering a grid pattern throughout the sole. This design gives the wearer gain more flexible momentum in all directions. On top of that, Nike Free have lower heel-to-toe offsets which encourages mid to forefoot strike; a feature which is unlike any other running shoe.

On the upper side, the main focus of the shoe is to be as close to the foot as possible. Compared to traditional running shoes, this design allows your foot to flex naturally, throughout the running cycle. In addition, the shoe is extremely lightweight to make the wearer feel like they’re not weighted down. The whole concept of the shoe is to activate the foot muscles, which according to Nike research, would make it healthier and stronger.

Most Popular Nike Free Models

Basically, Nike Free is a shoe line with different models, and different versions of models. To put it in perspective, Nike Free has a designated number from 0 to 10, with 0 being barefoot and 10 being a traditional running shoe. You can choose between specific shoe models and versions depending on your needs. Here are the most popular Nike Free models you can find online:

Activities with Nike Free shoes

Being a running shoe, Nike Free Trainers are great for physical activities such as jogging, the gym, walking, hiking, and CrossFit. Nike Free is also good for sports which utilizes continuous movement or moving on one direction. Track and field, and sprinting are great sports activities that you could also do with Nike Free sports shoes.

If you love to travel, then a Nike Free shoe would be a great help to avoid sore feet when walking long distances. Because of its sturdy construction and materials, this sports shoe is made to last against extreme elements and conditions. It would be a perfect travel buddy to take with you on great adventures, here and abroad. Nike Free is also a hit with fashionistas, both men and women. You can use it to strut your stuff at the mall, at parties, or even during dates. Because of its aesthetically pleasing design, with multiple colorways that would fit your personality and get up for the day!