Once you see their iconic swoosh logo, you would instantly know this iconic brand. Nike Malaysia has a great selection of hats and headgear that you should check out. Whether you're an individual leading an active lifestyle or simply looking for great fashion brands, Nike Malaysia is a great choice. Read more about the brand below.


The Hottest Nike Hats in Malaysia!

Initially named Blue Ribbon Sports or BRS, Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight founded Nike in 1964. However, it wasn't until seven years later that they adapted their iconic swoosh logo and called their brand "Nike". Today, Nike is one of the most popular sports and lifestyle brand worn by many celebrities, and have collaborated with fashion icons and athletes to create unique collections. From clothing, sportswear, bags, shoes, and accessories, Nike is a brand of choice.

Different Types of Hats from Nike Malaysia

As part of their growing accessory collection, Nike Malaysia has a great selection of hats. While headgear is revered more as an accessory in fashion, hats in sports play a major role especially if you're playing outdoors. Not only does it help protect your head from extreme elements, but it also helps reduce glare, giving you an opportunity to make the perfect shot. Here are types of hats that you should check out from Nike Malaysia:

Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is a type of hat that has a rounded crown covering the top parts of the head with a hard visor at the front. Nike has a great selection of baseball caps that feature the brand's logo as well as Nike teams and athletes. If you are looking for a hat that you can use on outdoor excursions or activities, then a Nike baseball cap is the one that you need.


Perhaps one of the most popular types of hats today, snapbacks are a type of baseball cap with a straight visor. Maintaining the elements of a baseball cap, Nike snapbacks are a must-have for fashionistas who want to look "street". Nike snapbacks feature the iconic Nike Logo with the swoosh and can come in different types of fabric such as Dri-FIT, mesh, and other synthetic textiles.

Bucket Hats

Thanks to street fashion, bucket hats are growing more and more popular. Commonly used by hikers, mountaineers, etc., bucket hats or otherwise known as fisherman's hat or Irish country hat are headwear with a downward-pointing brim. Nike also has a selection of bucket hats such as the Nike Golf Sun Protect Bucket Hat and the Nike Unisex Sports Casual Floral Bucket Hat. Some celebrities spotted wearing a Nike bucket hat are Rihanna and NBA-legend Michael Jordan.


Like snapbacks and bucket hats, another popular type of headwear are beanies. The term "beanie" refers to a brimless hat like what the android logo is always seen wearing however, the term has evolved and have been used to refer to knitted caps. The Nike Air Jordan Reversible Beanie and the Nike Hypervis Tour Scully Cap Men's Golf Beanie Hat are just some of the many beanies that you can choose from Nike Malaysia.

Whether you love sports or simply looking for a great fashion accessory, you can choose from Nike's extensive array of hats and other headgear at iPrice!