Shorts are one of the most comfortable apparel that can be worn by anyone and with the uprising of sports apparel fashion, wearing Nike shorts as a form of casual wear is now widely acceptable. Just look at the comfy and stylish Nike shorts below, what’s not to like about them? Want to know how you can rock a pair of Nike shorts? Click here.

Nike Bermuda Shorts

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Nike Shorts as part of the Nike family

Very few people and even fewer brands have managed to rose to become a synonymous brand with pop culture in the 20th century. But in the last few decades, Nike has become the uprising star of the sporting world, and has become part of the daily lives of millions of people across the globe.

Clearly, Nike knows what people want from its chain and debuted a family collection of Nike sporting apparel which led to the production of Nike Shorts. Surprisingly, the company debuted the shorts for only over 20 years ago and has made no specific advertising campaigns or endorsements for its shorts category. The star has always been about Nike Shoes.

So, what brought about the skyrocketed popularity of Nike Shorts?

While some suspected that it was because of a snapped shot of Jessica Simpson wearing a pink pair of Nike Tempo Track shorts in June 2007 that started the whole craze, others speculated that it was because of the published paparazzi picture of the pop-star-turned-country-crooner on the health-savvy blog FitSugar that sort of placed Nike Shorts in the ‘sportlight’. After three days of the blog release, the Nike Tempo Shorts were sold out on In fact, retailers didn’t seem to take an interest in the shorts until about the same time. Ever since then, Nike Shorts have secured its own special place in the Nike family.

How to match Nike Shorts with your wardrobe?

Nike Shorts can be worn as short as you’re comfortable with as they serve a function. They allow you to move freely. Oh yes they do!

Some tips on how you should wear Nike Shorts:

  • Wear them up on the hips. Slip the shorts over the waistline about two to three inches and pull the drawstring (if applicable) to tighten them. The elastic waist should sit comfortably above the hips, while the hem should sit just above the knee.
  • If guys want to want to wear them a little lower (to showcase your well-build abs, wink!), do it carefully by slipping on the shorts up to your pubic line and ensure that the back of the waistband is just above the crack, make sure that the shorts are tight to your body by tightening the drawstrings to secure the shorts. To get them to stay securely, combine fairly large boxer shorts with a tight drawstring, so you won’t have to constantly tug at them and pull them up.
  • Get the right size and fit too when selecting your Nike Shorts. If they are of the perfect size, you don't really have to mess around with the drawstring. Your Nike Shorts should stay on comfortably without much effort, not too tight and not too loose. Jump around a bit to make sure they're secure when you're trying on a pair at the store. Most importantly, make sure they don't snag against your knee so you'll be ready to hit the field.
  • It is very advisable to pick dark coloured shorts for training but now with Nike’s Dri-FIT fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable, you can even rock a pair of white shorts as you work out. Now you can sweat with confidence as your Nike Shorts will dry up as you work out, no more worries about your shorts being too translucent anymore.

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