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Nike Clothing Malaysia: More Than Just Sportswear

With the rise of casual sportswear, Nike is sure to be one of the best go-to brands today. They may be well known for their sports shoes, but the Swoosh logo, one of the most recognizable logos in the world, is an iconic symbol for fitness and innovation. Founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman believed that if you have a body, then you can be an athlete. Wearing Nike clothes can help you achieve that.

Why Nike clothing is your go-to brand

If you know for a fact that Nike’s shoes are the best quality sports shoes, then Nike clothing is just as excellent as their footwear. Keep reading to find out why you should choose Nike clothing Malaysia over anything else.

Innovation, variation, revolution

Nike Malaysia aims to change the way we think about sports. They’ve thought on how to improve sportswear to the betterment of their customers. When creating their products, they think of how it will impact and benefit the society in the future. They’re also environmentally conscious by creating a sustainable innovation program. This program’s goal is to minimize environmental footprint, accelerate towards a low-carbon economy, and unleash the potentials of their customers, employees, and improve communities.

Chose the right kind of Nike clothing for you

Nike clothing is endorsed by well-known celebrities and sports figures. They sponsor famous figures to let customers know their products are worthy enough to be in your wardrobe. The clothing combines stylishness with functionality. They’re acceptable to wear in public or to be worn during your workouts. Their clothing ranges from pants, jackets, to dresses, hats, and skirts. Below are some of the brand's top-selling Nike clothing line:

  • Air Jordan – This line was mainly created for American basketball player, Michael Jordan. Air Jordan shoes are one of Nike’s best sellers, but their clothes are just as chic as Mr. Jordan himself.
  • Vapor – The Vapor line mostly consists of apparels for football players, like jerseys, socks, and gloves.
    • Mercurial – Just like Vapor, the Mercurial line caters to football players, but their specialty is creating protective gear like shin guards and sunglasses.
  • SB ­– The name SB stands for skateboards. The line offer skateboarders fashionable shirts, hats, pants, and jackets comfortable enough for you to do your ollies in.

Just Do It with Nike clothing Malaysia

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How to buy Nike clothing in Malaysia with iprice

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