Get good cushioning, grip and traction to handle various running surfaces with Nike Air Zoom shoes. Want to know more? Read here.


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Nike Air Zoom series: the new generation of footwear

Nike Zoom Air technology is designed to transfer the pressure of each step into ultra-responsive energy for the next step. When the foot lands, tiny fibers inside the high-pressure Zoom Air unit compresses, dispersing a force to cushion the impact, that will quickly snap back into place, springing the foot into the next move. Watch the following video to learn more about the technicalities of Nike Zoom Air shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Malaysia: design inspiration based on basketball all-star LeBron James

Nike took a gamble when they signed LeBron James with a $90 million contract (before he even played a single game!), shoe makers went immediately into work on the first signature shoe for the player that was foreseen to have a Jordan-esque effect on footwear.

After months of development, the Nike Air Zoom Generation made its official debut during LeBron James first regular season game as a professional basketball player on November 5th, 2003. The Nike Air Zoom Generation also popularly known as the LeBron 1 features a Zoom Air main cushioning unit which will also be a precedent for the entire Nike LeBron line until the Nike Air Max LeBron VII made the switch to Air Max cushioning. The sole captivating design with a faux-chrome bumper, enhanced the shoe visually and structurally; it also acted as a heel stabilizer that prevented side-to-side movements. The Nike Zoom Air, heel stabilizer, inner sock-liner and Sphere material resulted in the Nike Air Zoom Generation being one of the most comfortable, well-ventilated shoes in the entire Nike LeBron line.

With only five colourways of the Nike Air Zoom Generation released to the public, this series is one of the best collectable line for Nike. Three low-top editions were also launched and became popular choices for both the basketball court and on the streets. Sales of the Nike Air Zoom Generation proved that Nike’s premature decision to sign LeBron James to be one of their shrewdest business decisions of the decade. The entire Nike LeBron line also nurtured LeBron James into a sports-apparel powerhouse today. Here's all the LeBron Nike Air Zoom line.

Reasons to own at least a pair of Nike Air Zoom

  • Durable: Nike Air cushioning provides constant cushioning throughout the life of the Nike Air Zoom shoes.
  • Lightweight: The weight of the shoes is reduced without compromising on performance, a major plus-point for athletes as less energy is used up.
  • Cushioning: Nike Air cushioning absorbs the impact forces and protects muscles, joints and tendons, protecting the body against the next impact force. This will help athletes feel less fatigue and stressful.
  • Versatile: Nike Air Zoom offers a variety of models to suit athletes in different sports. Given that the Nike Air cushioning can be tuned to meet the exact specifications of athletic performance, Nike Air Zoom is among the most loved shoes for sports.

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