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Perhaps known as the best-selling Nike product, the Air Force 1 generates roughly USD $800 million. Get the best Nike Air Force 1 shoes in Malaysia and click here to learn more about the iconic kicks.

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Everything you need to know about the Nike Air Force 1

Originally named the Air Force, the shoe was renamed with a “1” in reference to the plane that transports the President of the United States. The shoe was created in 1982 by designer Bruce Kilgore who also designed Air Jordan II and the Sock Racer. Air Force 1 is sold in three different styles which are low, mid, and high and is the first shoe to utilise the Nike Air Technology. Read on to learn more about the shoes.

Nike Air Technology

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the Nike Air Force 1 is indeed the first shoe to utilise the Nike Air technology. The technology consists of pressurized air inside a tough, yet flexible bag which is inserted in three areas of the midsole which are the heel, in the forefoot, or in both areas. It helps to reduce the force of impact with every stride the wearer takes. After that, the sole recovers to its original shape and volume to absorb the next impact. This technology has revolutionized athletic footwear in terms of how it improves the athletes’ performance.

Uppers and soles

Other than the midsole made of durable foam, the Nike Air Force 1 features 2 types of uppers which are the leather or leather-and-textile upper. The iconic Swoosh logo is also emblazoned on each side of the shoe. There are more than 1,700 other colour combinations but the most popular combinations are solid white or white on white, followed by solid black, or black on black. Perforations on the upper provide ventilation that keeps the wearers feet dry and comfortable. The main advantage of the shoes are its forefoot and heel. It enables athletes to change direction efficiently while playing basketball. It also offers excellent traction which do not leave marks on basketball courts and other surfaces.

Low, Mid, and High

There are three styles of Nike Air Force 1 shoes which are low-top, mid-top, and high-top. The low-top version gives the shoe a cleaner look due to its streamlined silhouette and finer detailing. On the other hand, the mid-top silhouette features an ankle strap attached to the shoe, so that it fixes the uppers more securely in place. For the high-top version, it covers more of the ankles and includes a movable strap that helps to secure the shoe in place. Whether if it’s low, mid or high, many of the Nike Air Force 1 men shoes can be worn by women too as the designs are gender neutral.

Deubre tag

A major characteristic of the Nike Air Force 1 is the small ornamental tag attached to the shoe laces which is called deubre. Typically, it displays engraved inscription such as “AF-1” along with the year the shoe was made. Wearers are also able to remove the tag if they dislike the look of it.

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