ike is one of the biggest sports shoes and sportswear conglomerates in the world. The brand is undoubtedly the most trusted name not just among professional athletes but also among sports enthusiasts. The logo itself speaks for its years of legacy in the sports industry. Check out the hottest Nike shoes, sportswear, and accessories or read more about Nike Malaysia below

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Top 7 Most Iconic Nike Shoes of All Time

Nike takes a revolutionary approach in creating its products and brand image, and we think that is the major reason many people love Nike. Nike leads in the making of footwear, creating new and innovative types of products that will provide functionality and comfort for all. Best known for their footwear line, Nike has created some of the most iconic series that many sneakerheads are dying to get their hands on.

Nike Air Jordan 1

Starting with a classic, this Nike shoe has come a long way. Although at first, his Airness Michael Jordan did not like the shoe, saying that he'd look "like a clown", it is one of the most iconic shoes that Nike had ever made. The NBA even banned this shoe from the court saying that there is not enough "white in them". Of course, Nike had to compromise and paid $5,000 each time MJ wore it for a game. This, however, added to the hype and eventually made the shoe more iconic than what it is.

Nike Air Force 1

Another classic in every sneakerhead's collection, the Air Force 1 or AF1 as it is abbreviated was designed by Bruce Kilgore with the U.S. Presidential plane as his inspiration. The AF1 is the first shoe the iconic Nike "Air" technology as well as a "pivot point" on the sole. Currently, there are 2,000 different versions of Air Force 1 and is considered to be one of the best sneakers of all time.

Nike Air Max 90

From the mind of long-time shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Air Max 90 is one of the brand's most iconic shoes. Having chunky soles and thick multi-coloured top, you can recognize a Nike Air Max from a mile away.

Nike Cortez

Designed by Nike founder Bill Bowerman, the Nike Cortez is the brand's first-ever track shoe which has captivated runners and non-runners alike. The Nike Cortez has been around for almost half a century but only gained traction during the 90s when LA gangs would wear them. This Nike shoe comes in different colourways but the most famous one is white, red, and blue.

Nike Huarache

Another Tinker Hatfield creation, the Nike Huarache was first released in '91 which was marketed as simple and comfortable footwear. “Have you hugged your foot today?” was the shoe's original tag line and is prized for its simplicity. Like most Nike shoes on this list, the Nike Huarache is a classic design that has existed for 25 years and counting!

Nike Dunk SB

1997 marked a sad year for Nike with the downfall of their venture into skateboarding. They did, however, left skaters with an iconic shoe that proved functional in skateboarding and trendy. The Nike Dunk SB has a grippy sole and hardened toes which is a plus for control and durability when going hard on your board. Although they had an unsuccessful year, Nike SB returned to the scene with a better line-up and has never left the pedestal ever since.

Nike Roshe Run

As a more recent footwear, the Nike Roshe Run was first released in 2011 and has since been a choice for many professional and amateur runners. When designer Dylan Raasch first introduced the design, it wasn't received well by the board and now it is one of the most popular Nike shoe ever! The Nike Roshe Run features a minimalist design with the idea that "less is more" when it comes to running shoe.

Why Choose Nike?

Think sports, think Nike! Internationally known for its shoes, Nike has become a staple shoe in many homes. Be it for performance and competitive sports, casual jogging, and fashion statement or even as an exclusive limited-edition shoe collection, Nike has successfully imprinted its brand into many people’s lives. Men and women can simply Just Do it with Nike. The brand supports your physical progress and achievements by offering the highest quality of sporting goods you can get your hands on.

Nike beyond its shoes

Nike shoe series like Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Max, and Nike Free are some of the best sports shoes on the market. Nike Malaysia footwear is purchased at reasonable prices. Whether new releases or lesser-known series, Nike has the best prices just for you. Also labelled as a high fashion item for its trendy athleisurewear, Nike caters to both premium and mid-range mass market.

With more people choosing to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle, Nike also launched its own Nike Clothing collection to be the complete workout brand. Nike designs are generally athletic, sporty, and youthful but can be suitable for anyone regardless of age or cultural background.

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Nike Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nike made in Malaysia?

As one of the biggest sporting goods brands in the world, Nike has factories located all over the world. There are a handful of factories located in Malaysia so check the information printed on your Nike product to determine where it was made.

Where can I buy Nike shoes online?

You can buy items from Nike Malaysia online through their Nike.com.my website. Here, you can find the complete catalogue of shoes, sportswear, accessories, and more. Alternatively, you can also purchase Nike products from trusted online merchants like Zalora, Shopee, and Lazada.

How much are Nike shoes in Malaysia?

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