Finding for the revolutionized cap that expresses your exclusive style and passion? New Era Cap is the redefined and edgy headwear that has come a long way since its humble beginning. New Era has been the world's premier headwear brand since 1920. Read on to know more about New Era Malaysia.

Do all New Era hats have the logo? | Should I remove New Era sticker?


New Era Your Cool and All-Star Brand

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin. New Era is a dream that was believed by a family and achieved with continued persistence and countless hours of effort and dedication. This is the story where you will read inspiration in between each and every line.

New Era: The Remarkable Legacy

It all began when Ehrhardt Koch, a 37-year-old German immigrant finally decided that it was time to take his knowledge and skills up a notch after working at John Miller Cap Company for 18 years. He worked hard and developed his idea and in 1920, he started E. Koch Cap Co. with only $1000. The capital was given to him by his sister, Rose and his co-worker, Joe Amerien. In 1922, Ehrhardt changed his company’s name to New Era Cap Co and it started off its successful business manufacturing 60,000 Gatsby-style fashion caps in a year.

Since then, New Era was deemed as the pioneer that reinvented the headwear industry. To date, this family-owned company has been managed by four generations of the family and they have taken up the responsibility and dedication to making the legacy left in their hands more successful and impactful in the global market.

Making New Era Your Ultimate Choice

Over the years, New Era has proven its mettle by ingraining profound values and policies in manufacturing its product. Probably, this is one of the reasons why New Era’s popularity has never faded even after all these years.

New Era is well-known for its ability to combine relatable fashion with great quality and genuineness when it comes to product designing. People love New Era for not only the superiorly produced and high-quality fashion but also for its in-vogue style. In addition to that, New Era headwear has been the ultimate choice of baseball team right from the little league to college teams and all the way to the professional players.

Besides that, this is the first-ever brand to secure its position in the market as the exclusive supplier of the on-field caps for the MLB League. Did you know the new and unique designs of the cap resulted in the reputable partnership of New Era with the National Football League in 2010? This indeed elevated the New Era brand to the top spot in the market. Regardless of all the amazing creation of New Era, this brand has remained the most sought-after brand due to the Koch family. Their solid willpower, persistent diligence, and prodigious urge contributed to the success of New Era for almost a century and many centuries to come.

Fun Facts about New Era

Success is measured by how much a company has evolved and progressed positively. Let’s see how different New Era is today compared to the day it was founded by Ehrhardt Koch almost a century ago.

  • Employees - In 1920 New Era operated with only 14 employees but in 2015 New Era has 1100 employees.
  • Offices - In 1920 New Era has only 1 office but today it has 17 offices across the world.
  • Production - Back in 1920, New Era produced 60,000 caps per year. However, in 2015, this company manufactured 5 million in a year.
  • Fabric - When the New Era was first established, the company only used 8,600 yards of fabric per year but right now 7.1 million yards of fabric.
  • Countries - In 1920, New Era was sold in only 1 country, but today it is sold is more than 81 countries.
  • Iconic - The most popular cap in 1920 is the GATSBY and today the 59FIFTY has taken its spot.

The Iconic 59FIFTY

When Harold, the only son of Ehrhardt joined the family business in 1932, he observed that the fashion cap had become less popular among the consumers. At that time, professional baseball was gaining popularity and this triggered him to venture into a new market – the baseball cap.

In 1934, the very first New Era professional baseball cap was manufactured for the Cleaveland Indians. This baseball cap proved to be a success as New Era became the only baseball cap supplier for well-known teams such as Brooklyn Dodgers, Detroit Tigers, and Cincinnati Reds.

Finally, Harold decided to redesign the New Era fitted cap in 1954 and it was the moment that the 59FIFTY cap was introduced. This is to ensure that this newly remade New Era cap has a more contemporary look to fit the new generation.

59FIFTY became astonishingly popular around the world and the demand for it is still high even till today. In 1986, the official on-field 59FIFTY became a part of the Diamond Collection.

New Era Collection

Besides caps, New Era also has a wide range of apparel and accessories. Check them out as this global lifestyle brand might offer you the style you are just looking for.

  • Meet the originator of the true fitted, the 59FIFTY.
  • The 9FIFTY is a collection that is adjustable for every lifestyle.
  • Be comfortable and stylish with the stretch fit, 39THIRTY.
  • Everyone loves being a little cosy and warm with stylish and cool designs of knit caps.
  • New Era Backpack and Cap accessories are designed with high functionality to fit your lifestyle.

Be an All-Star with New Era

New Era is now the go-to brand for exclusive sports headwear in Malaysia. No doubt, New Era has indeed brought us into a new age fashion where one can truly experience fashion and comfort not only in everyday life but also in sports. Get your hands on a New Era cap for an all-star look. You can also check out other amazing brands such as Columbia, Rip Curl and more.

Do all New Era hats have the logo?

Yes, most caps have the type of New Era cap logo and the New Era logo. For example, you have the 59FIFTY logo with the New Era logo. If the writing on the taping is blurry or looks smudgy, maybe you have got a fake New Era cap.

Should I remove New Era sticker?

The initial purpose of these stickers meant for the convenience of customers to find their hat size, but the sticker has become part of the branding that tells everyone you are wearing a genuine authentic New Era Cap. It's all about your personal preference whether to remove the sticker. We should not judge others who decide to leave their sticker on their New Era Cap.