Among all of its own brands, Nescafé is Nestle's proud child that has become its largest and most popular brand. Taste the joy & passion when you’re drinking Nescafé coffee. Find out more about Nescafé Malaysia below!


Why You Need to Start Your Day with Nescafé Malaysia

Nescafé Malaysia is your start to a brand new day. Those that need their caffeine fix in the early morning will be very familiar with Nescafé coffee. They will remember how much Nescafé coffee has helped them kick-starting their days and keeping them awake throughout the tireless night!

It All Starts With a Nescafé

It all began in 1930 when Brazil encouraged Nestle to develop an instant coffee brand to conserve the ample surplus of the annual Brazilian coffee harvest at that time. Nestle's scientist, Max Morgenthaler, has developed and refined the instant coffee making technique. On 1st April 1938, this development project was given the name "Nescafé" by Nestle. The new technique of instant coffee making involves drying equal amounts of coffee extract and soluble carbohydrates to produce a better tasting instant coffee.

Nescafé Wins The War

When the Second World War began, Nestle immediately felt its effect as its profit plummeted dramatically. However, Nescafé proved to be the saviour of Nestle as Nescafé became the principal part of American soldiers as it was the favorite drink in the military at that time. In fact, Nescafé was recorded to be having a rise in production and sales during wartime. It was so popular that it was said that the American military bought more than 1 million cases of Nescafé which was equivalent to the entire annual output of its plant in the United States. Once the war was over, Nescafé soon became popular with American society when the soldiers brought their love of Nescafé back home.

Rocking Your Taste Buds

Taking advantage of coffeehouses, Nescafé introduced Blend 37 in 1955 to "rock the taste buds" in the era of rock & roll. 2006 marked the year which Nestle introduced its coffee machine product was known as "Dolce Gusto" or sweet taste in Italian. This amazing tool allows people to make different styles of coffee, chocolate, and even a cold drink! This highly acclaimed product was sold in more than 60 countries and used roasted and ground coffee beans for most Dolce Gusto products instead of instant coffee. Talking about bring gourmet coffee tasting to your table instantly & simple way with Nescafé Dolce Gusto.

Nescafe Malaysia - Culture of Productivity

Cup of Life

It is estimated that over 5,500 cups of Nescafé are being consumed every second. After all, there is no surprise that this is another way of saying that Nescafé coffee is the world's favourite way to begin their days with simple encouragement from Nescafé coffee. As a cup of coffee regulates the amount of blood pressure and confers a positive effect on the blood vessels, Nescafé coffee is even better by providing the extra energy that you need as well as giving a much-needed boost for endurance exercises and high-intensity routines.

Perfect Brew Of The Day

What else better than to start your day with a cup of Nescafé coffee? Or the fact that Nescafé coffee is 100% natural coffee instead of artificial coffee powder found in other instant coffee brands? Such authentic blended coffee is 100% coffee soluble and this is achieved by processing pure coffee beans and water with no additives at all. Not only that, but this perfect brew is also made possible only with careful selection of beans and a distinctive roasting process. When you smell the glorious aroma of Nescafé coffee, it is the authentic and original smell of how real coffee should be. Nescafé just makes your day a lot easier by making this perfect coffee can drink instantly; a real quick fix that saves your time and day. Boring, the tedious daily routine has never been this so much fun and enjoyable before, thanks to Nescafé coffee.

A Coffee A Day Keeps The Doctors Away

Coffee gives us many health benefits such as preventing nasty headaches, protecting your skin, eliminating wrinkles, protecting your cell from oxidation and contributes to your daily antioxidant intake. In that regard, Nescafé coffee is even more amazing and healthier as it contains zero calories in it. It is what you add to your own coffee that will increase the calories. Therefore, it is a gentle reminder that you should add less sugar or use low-fat milk/creamer in your cup of coffee.

Passion & Pleasure

Coffee is always being consumed to start the day for work and daily routines. However, it is often wrongly assumed that drinking coffee is all about work or drinking something to keep you awake at all times. Now, drinking and tasting coffee should be forming a part of your life as it is definitely a great way to get together with your friends and families by drinking coffee, sharing conversations and enjoy the whole process together. Have a sip of warm, fuzzy pleasure that only Nescafé coffee can give as you eagerly engage a conversation with your close confidants and share your thoughts and pleasure with them. A cup of Nescafé coffee uplifts your mood and relieves stress that you always feel better when you are having one.

Popular Nescafé Malaysia Products

Enhance Your Coffee Drinking With Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Nescafé Malaysia wants you to be able to make your own gourmet coffee flavour in a simple & easy way by using Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machines. Now, you don't have to walk down and get your coffee takeaway from a nearby coffee shop when Nescafé Dolce Gusto is here to save your day!

Rich & Fantastic Flavours

Versatile as ever, Nescafé Dolce Gusto can prepare different styles of coffee and chocolate as well as cold varieties. All of these flavours are stored in a compact, airtight capsule that preserves the authentically roasted ground coffee beans and other ingredients. Just pop in a pod and pull the lever to make your favourite gourmet coffee!

Smart Circolo Capsule Coffee Machine

This stunning automatic coffee machine has a Play & Select feature that allows you to tailor your drink in different styles and textures.

Smart Genio 2 Capsule Coffee Machine

Genio the Great, your genius coffee machine in helping you to unleash your creativity in the early morning.

Oblo Coffee Machine

Modern manual coffee machine with various bold & bright designs to make your day.

Stelia Coffee Machine

A wonderfully crafted automatic coffee machine that will fit every lifestyle.

Melody Coffee Machine

Piccolo Coffee Machine

Your simple yet stylish coffee machine is at your service.

Mine Me Coffee Machine

Your compact, chic companion is perfect when you have a smaller kitchen and you do need to worry about your kitchen space.

Experience The Taste of Nescafé Malaysia

Let your taste buds be rocked by Nescafé Malaysia products that will make your day. The Red Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machines are exceptionally popular among Nescafé lovers. These lovely coffee maker machines are really wonderful additions to your kitchen or pantry.

Nescafé Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine is in a tablespoon of Nescafé?

There are approximately 170mg of caffeine found in every 5 grams of Original Nescafe Instant Coffee. It’s enough to provide you with the daily boost you need. You can also safely double this caffeine intake by drinking a double espresso in the morning.

What is the strongest Nescafé coffee?

The strongest Nescafé coffee is the Nescafé GOLD Short Black. This coffee from Nescafé is made with 100% Arabica beans and has a strength level of 9, the highest level in terms of flavour.

Are all Nescafé products instant?

Nescafé coffee comes in a variety of forms and the most popular remain instant and soluble coffee. However, other forms of coffee are also available for users of Nescafé’s own coffee machines like the Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

What coffee beans are used to make Nescafé coffee?

Nescafé uses beans from several places and each has its own distinct flavours and characteristics. The beans include Arabica, Robusta, green coffee beans, white coffee beans, Decaffito beans, and espresso beans. These beans have their own aroma, acidity, and body. The aroma of a coffee can be reminiscent of caramel, cereal with hints of spiciness, earthiness, or nuttiness. The acidity refers to how sharp and crisp your coffee tastes and the body describes how rich your coffee is.

What is the Nescafé product list in Malaysia?

Currently, Nescafé Malaysia offers a wide array of products that are ready to be consumed.

  • Nescafé Classic and Classic Decaf
  • Nescafé Classic Dark Roast
  • Nescafé Gold and Gold Decaf
  • Nescafé Cold Brew
  • Nescafé Latte in the flavours of Mocha, Caramel, Hazelnut & Tropical Paradise
  • Nescafé Blend & Brew in the flavours of Original, Rich, Mild, Zero & White Coffee

Visit the official Nescafé Malaysia website to discover the complete product list.

How do I make Nescafé coffee?

To unlock all the different flavours, play around with how you make your cup for coffee. For instance, you can set the desired roast type such as light roast, medium roast, full roast, and high roast. Moreover, you can also decide how you want to make your cup of joe. You can use a dripper, French press, espresso pot, or an automatic coffee machine. If you’re in a rush, you can also opt for a Nescafé 3-in-1 instant blend. Simply pour the coffee into a cup of hot water, stir, and your coffee is ready to be consumed.