Your skin is a reflection of good health and hygiene, that’s why taking care of your skin is a must. For optimum results, switch to Neostrata Malaysia and their excellent array of skin care products that would help clear your skin problems such as acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and dark spots. Take a look at our selection of Neostrata skin care products below or click here to know more about the brand.


Top of the Line Skin Care from Neostrata Malaysia

When it comes to skin concerns, trust only Neostrata Malaysia and their exciting array of products that are specially made to make your skin look younger and healthier. What makes Neostrata a brand of choice is their dedication to skin care with their dermatologically-approved products - clinically tested and proven by countless users across the globe. Neostrata offers medical-grade skin care with therapuetic benefits that would enhance your skin’s natural glow.

About Neostrata Malaysia

Neostrata Malaysia is more than just a skin care brand, it is the result of extensive years of research by two leading minds in dermatology, namely Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey J. Yu. Their collaborative work in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) in 1975 and in the mid-80s, eventually lead to the establishment of Neostrata in 1988. Founded in New Jersey, Neostrata aims to commercialize their research and continue to develop what they had started. Every day, new discoveries are made and tested to further advance our knowledge in dermatology, especially in treatment of common skin diseases such as dry skin, aging skin, wrinkles, dark spots, psoriasis, and so much more. While Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu had separated ways, Neostrata continues their work in developing a better, more therapeutic approach to skin care.

Say “no” to skin problems with Neostrata skin care

Neostrata creates medical-grade treatments for common skin problems for any skin type. Using gathered data from years of research, the brand has developed products that would alleviate your skin problems. Now you can say “no” to skin problems with Neostrata skin care!

Acne-prone and oily skin

Perhaps one of the most common skin problems for both men and women, acne-prone and oily skin is a result of clogged pores, so the trick to simply get rid of oil, dirt, and excess sebum. To do that, you can use Neostrata Antibacterial facial cleanser with Triclosan and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help reduce bacteria on your skin. To ensure that your skin is clean and free from dirt and other pollutants, you can use the Neostrata Oily Skin Soslution Skin toner which is specially formulated with Glycolic acid which helps clean your pores. Finally, hydrate your skin with Neostrata Sheer Hydration SPF 35 which reduces oil and provides UV protection.

Aging skin

When it comes to aging skin, the goal of your regimen should be to hydrate and renew. To do just that, Neostrata has a broad selection of products fit for normal and sensitive skin. You can try out Neostrata Ultra Smoothing cream which can reverse the damages of time in four weeks! Packed with Glycolic acid and Citric acid, your face will feel younger and smoother. The ultra smoothing cream is also ideal for first-time AHA users with non-sensitive skin.

Lightening and brightening

If you want to lighten your skin, then Neostrata Malaysia has the perfect product for you. To give your skin a brighter look, then Neostrata HQ Skin Lightening gel is your best friend. Consisting of 2% Hydroquinone and 10% Polyhydroxy acids, this lightening gel helps to gently exfoliate and lighten dark spots. It also helps with aging using antioxidants that would enhance and brighten your skin tone.

Hands and body

Neostrata not only takes care of your face but also the rest of your body. With the same care and formulas for your skin, your body too can experience the goodness of Neostrata with Neostrata Lotion Plus. Compared to other lotions in the market, Neostrata consists of 15% Glycolic acid which helps correct photo-aging, evens out your skin tone, improves texture and overall brightens your skin.

Why choose Neostrata Malaysia

Neostrata is a great brand when it comes to skin care because of their specialized formulas designed to improve your skin. Continuing Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu’s research in skin care with the use of alpha-hydroxy acids, Neostrata aims to diversify their skin care solutions through constant research, patents, and clinical testing to ensure the safety and efficiency of all their products.

Skin care made for you

The best thing about Neostrata Malaysia is that it has products for all your skin concerns, from acne, dry skin, to eczema and psoriasis. This specialized skin care is what makes Neostrata different from other brands. Neostrata Malaysia gives you medical-grade skin treatment that would quickly make your skin healthier with the use of alpha-hydroxy acids which promotes younger-looking skin. On top of that, Neostrata has carefully developed specialized skin care that would help you address your skin concerns such as acne, oily skin, dry skin, aging skin and so much more! Take a look at our selection of Neostrata products here.