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NECA TMNT Casey Jones Prop Replica Mask
Honorary Fifth TurtleLeonardo is the valiant leader. Donatello is the genius inventor. Raphael is the hot-headed brawler. Michelangelo is the fun-loving free spirit. And Casey Jones? He’s the guy who watched one too many “Filthy Harry” movies and then decided to run around with an entire sporting goods store on his back while wearing a freaky hockey mask over his face.It’s true that Casey Jones can be a little unhinged, especially the 1987 cartoon version of him (did you see the episode where he thrashed a vending machine in an attempt to protect it from being robbed?). However, his heart is in the right place and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles often bring him along with them on their crime-fighting adventures. After all, you never know when you might need a guy with expert level cricket bat skills or a guy who can infiltrate Octopus Inc. to find out their evil master plan. It’s pretty safe to say that he’s the honorary fifth turtle at this point.Product DetailsThis Tmnt Casey Jones Prop Replica Mask is actually a based on the one seen in the 1990 live action film. It has all the angles and grooves of a frightening hockey mask to strike fear into the heart of any Foot Clan member. It comes with straps for fitting on your face, mouth slits, eye holes and a nose hole. You'll feel fit to clean up the streets of bad guys in no time.Goongala!Just slip this Casey Jones mask on and pick a fight with the first Ninja Turtle you find. Who knows, it may just lead to a long-lasting friendship!
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