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NBA Price in Malaysia for December, 2018

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There was once a time when jerseys was only worn by the players in a game but those days are long gone. Put the crop tops and boyfriend jeans away for the NBA jerseys are here to stay. Celebrate the legacy of your favourite team without losing the element of style. Check out the latest and hottest NBA Malaysia jerseys and other merchandise.

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NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch Game
RM 87.60

RUN THE Neighborhood. The future of sports career modes has arrived, allowing you to play the game the way you like. Build your career in NBA games, hit the courts in The Playground, join the Pro-Am circuit or explore the shops and venues in an all-new open neighborhood setting. Featuring new MyPLAYER upgrade and endorsement systems, our biggest cast of characters to date including NBA players, and so much more. MyPLAYER. Build your career in NBA games, hit the courts in the Playground or join the Pro-Am circuit. Featuring new MyPLAYER upgrade and endorsement systems and so much more. MyTEAM. Collect and compete with player cards featuring NBA legends from yesterday and today. Construct a salary-capped team for the all-new Super Max season mode, or draft cards for a 5v5 tournament in the new Pack & Playoffs mode. Elite Gameplay. The new motion system engine brings player control to a new level of realism. Now, dribbling and off the ball movement are no longer driven by animations. This ground breaking technology dynamically creates animations to deliver the best gameplay experience possible. You are now in complete control. Special Guest Commentary. The biggest roster of broadcasting talent in sports videogame history gets even bigger. Legends Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett join the booth on a rotating basis to lend their expertise to the broadcast. Legendary Teams. The greatest players in NBA history from all 30 teams, together on all-time franchise rosters for the very first time. Compete in Play Now to decide once and for all which franchise’s all-time greats reign supreme. Please Note: A microSD card is required to fully experience the game content Internet download and microSD card required (minimum 32 GB recommended). Storage requirements may change. You may also be required to create or link a Nintendo Account

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NBA Live 16 Game Xbox One
RM 35.90

Rooted in self-expression, NBA Live 16 takes player customization to another level. Whether it’s how you look or play, your entire journey is all about you. Put yourself in the action with an all-new, easy-to-use HD face scanning app, GameFaceHD and outfit your player with the freshest gear before you even hit the court. With the all-new physics-based player movement system, Live Motion, experience free-flowing movement and unparalleled control on the court. Add in fast-paced and fun online multiplayer play through the innovative Live Pro-Am mode, to progress and compete with your friends and it’s the perfect time to Rise Together. Live Pro-Am Introducing Live Pro -Am, a fun, fast-paced way to play with your friends, featuring Live Run and Summer Circuit, two innovative online multiplayer modes for you to connect and compete on iconic indoor and outdoor courts across North America. Experience Live Pro-Am for yourself with a Free demo on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting on September 15th. Summer Circuit – A new online cooperative, player vs. environment mode pitting you and up to four of your friends against current NBA superstars on legendary indoor and outdoor courts, from Toronto’s Hoop Dome to Brooklyn’s Dumbo Park. Win and advance. Lose and go to the back of the line and try again. Live Spot allows you to Earn Skill and Reward Points to unlock attributes and up your swag as you compete to make it atop the leaderboard. Live Run – Back by popular demand is the most reliable and stable online player vs. player mode for you and up to nine of your friends to connect and compete. Live Run is the place for 5 v. 5 pick-up basketball on storied street courts from Venice Beach to Rucker Park. Live Motion Create moves you’d expect to see on the court with Live Motion, an all -new physics based player movement system. Live Motion keeps you in control of movement so you’ll never feel stuck in a scripted animation. With completely rebuilt passing and catching systems, you can distribute the ball exactly when and where you want with touch passing and dribble hand-offs. Plus, unprecedented control in pick and roll situations, along with a brand new shot system, gives you additional opportunities for self-expression on the court. Customization Customize your player from head to toe with the latest kicks and gear from leading apparel brands including Jordan Brand, or get some ink from world renowned artist, Tattoo’s by Randy. The NBA Live companion app features our exclusive GameFaceHD scanning tech taking personalization further than ever before. This easy-to-use, mobile face scan allows you to look just as great as the NBA stars already in-game. Play with you, as you, with unprecedented quality.

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NBA Malaysia Jerseys in the fashion world

Not just NBA enthusiast, but basketball jerseys found their way into the closet of fans in the fashion set. From models to Hollywood pop stars, these sport jerseys are the new it thing among fashionistas around the world. If you know anything about the NBA, then you would know that it has always been a guy’s thing. Walk into any bars or down any street, chances are you would be able to see at least 2 out of 5 guys in a jersey of their favourite team. But when jerseys took a turn into the fashion world, it got from purely men’s attire to a trend setting outfit that everyone wanted in their closet.

So how did it come out of the stadium and into the wardrobe of many fashionistas? It was when the pop princess, Rihanna was seen rocking out an Ottawa Senators jersey as a dress with a pair of strappy Tom Ford pumps back in 2013. Two months later, paparazzi was out again with pictures of her in a Mustangs basketball jersey which was also worn as a dress. And if RiRi is doing it, you can bet that this would soon become and trend and sure enough it did.

Soon, Miley Cyrus was seen sporting out a Chicago Bulls Jersey with a short shorts, showing off her long beautiful legs in a pair of heels. Just when you thought that no one can do it better, Cara Delevingne proofs that you are totally wrong. She was seen rocking out a tiny child-size Chicago Bull jersey as a crop top in a super skinny jeans with a pair of sport shoe. These stars are the living proof that you don’t have to be a fan of NBA to be styling out these sportswear as fashion. Basketball season may be over but, we can bet you that this trend is just in its warmup phase.

Rules of Jerseys

Fashion is always about making it and looking fabulous and breaking it and looking like a total misfit. Since jerseys are making their way into the fashion forefront, here are some basic rules on how you can totally rock out your jersey without looking off.

  1. When it comes to wearing jerseys, never in a million years wear a personalised jersey. We all know that you have always wanted to play for your favourite team, where you always envisioned the Los Angeles Lakers going to recruit you at first base. But that is never going to happen anytime soon, so lay off the personalised tee buddy unless you and your favourite player have the same last name.
  2. Never tuck your jersey in. Jerseys are casual attire and you never tuck your casual attire in. Athletes on the field tuck their jerseys in because they have to follow some very strict rules that comes with a valid reason. Unless you are running for the ball in the field, you are giving everyone around you an eyesore with your jersey tucked in. Take it out now!
  3. Always in whatever circumstances wear a shirt under your jersey. If you haven’t been working those arms out in the gym, never wear your jersey as a tank top. Jerseys always look great with a 3 quarter sleeve or a normal cotton tee underneath. So unless you want to show off your unshaved armpit or your small arms, this is one rule you always have to remember.
  4. Always know your environment before you rock out your jerseys. When you were a kid, you can wear a jersey to school every day but you are no more in school and you know that jerseys don’t work everywhere, absolutely not in a gym. You can always wear your jersey to a game, at a sports bar, for Halloween, a jersey themed party, or any outdoor festivals.

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