Nautica watches are the perfect blend of Nautical styling with contemporary urban designs as evident in its sharp lines, classic design, and modern features. Features like water resistance and indiglo lightning make Nautica watches suitable for many uses.

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About Nautica

Nautica is an American apparel and fashion brand; it focuses mostly on sportswear for men. The company was first established in 1983 by the clothing designer David Chu. In the following year it was purchased by State-O-Maine and they eventually changed the name to Nautica in 1994.

Their name, Nautica, derives from the Latin word, nauticus, which means "naval", and in the Italian language, nautica means "seamanship". Their logo, on the other hand is in the form of a spinnaker l(a large sail set on the forward of a yacht's main sail), symbolizing the brand's sports wear and focus on adventure and action.

Although they are an apparel brand that focuses mainly on men's sportswear, they are also very well known for their Nautica watches which are the perfect amalgamation of contemporary and nautical designs.

Nautica Malaysia watches and products

Nautica has an immensely rich heritage in its line of apparel products that is inspired by the sea. They put together design cues from a nautical style and then infuses it with the modern energy and sophistication of the city. Moving on from only covering sports wear, they now put out apparel that gives everyone a casual look with a nautical touch, giving a sense of class.

Nautical watches, on the other hand, are timepieces of its own class. As Nautica puts it, Nautica watches are "Inspired by the sea. Designed in the city". These timepieces have sharp lines that are reminiscent of a city's architectural lines, but also packed with the features and innovation that are inspired by nautical navigation features. Each Nautica watch is designed with great innovation of technical precision, ensuring that the watches are always an expression of great personal styling.

Nautica watches also contain a lot of precise innovations that result in great features:

  • Water resistant watches, depending on which watch model with varying water resistant degrees: 50 Meter, 100 Meter, and 200 Meter Water-Resistance.
  • Nautica watches also include a patented lighting system that can illuminate the watch dial during low-light conditions. It is manually activated with the push of a button on the watch's body.
  • Nautica watches also come in many different materials for the strap such as silicone and leather materials.

Some Nautica watches are also sold in box sets. These boxes are made of very high quality materials and look amazingly classy and stylish. Each box set also comes with an extra watch strap and a watch strap remover tool. These are for those who want a little change in their straps every now and then, ensuring that their watches will always be matching their personal styles.

If you are looking for a wrist watch that looks unique- especially with the infusion of nautical stylings and contemporary urban lines – then Nautica watches are the ones for you. They not only look good, but they are also made with strong materials that can withstand daily use, as well as last you for many years to come.