Nautica Malaysia, a clothing, and apparel brand that has been around for decades, bringing the hippest fashion to your closet. Clothes, accessories and watches that are trendy and fashionable are what's in store for you from Nautica Malaysia wide range of product line. Check out their entire product list here!


Nautica Malaysia: Style Reimagined

Nautica is a lifestyle brand that is known worldwide. Their products range from clothing and apparels to watches and fragrances. The brand’s products are greatly influenced by color and a unique style that are inspired by the sea but designed in the city.

More than 2 Decades of Creating Urban Inspired Fashion

Nautica was founded in 1983 by David Chu, a clothing designer. This apparel brand is a subsidiary of the VF corporation, an American footwear, and apparel company established since 1899. Nautica primarily features sportswear for men, which eventually expanded to a wide range of clothing, apparels and fragrances for men and women.

Before Nautica took on the name that has it now, it did not carry any particular label at all. It was when the New York-based apparel company State-O-Maine bought the brand in cash that it was labeled as Nautica. In 2003, it was gain purchased, this time by its current owner – the VF corporation.

Nautica Malaysia– Inspired by the Sea, Designed in the City.

The name Nautica was derived from the Latin word Nauticus, which means seamanship. The influence behind the decision to pursue such name as a clothing brand came from the idea that the people who explored the world had to endure the vast ocean. The ocean symbolizes action and adventure; originally, Nautica was made for men who are leading an active lifestyle – Sport and fitness.

Nautica Malaysia– More than Just a Clothing Brand

Though Nautica started out as a sportswear brand for women, with the continuous expansion of their product line, they eventually extended their reach to women and to children; from simple clothing, it has become more.


Nautica was specially made to cater the clothing needs men, which is why their range of clothing line for men is quite expensive than other brands. Men have many options in terms of style and clothing for the different occasion. Nautica’s line of clothing for men includes T-shirts, polo, pants and shorts, denim, sportswear, activewear, sleepwear, swimwear, suits and even outerwear. Nautica has invested their dedication and time making the most authentic clothing that men could ever need.


Women can stay fashionably classy with Nautica’s clothing and apparels. From tops and shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts and even shorts. Nautica’s fashion for women will prove to be lookbook worthy, so strike a pose and take that perfect OOTD with Nautica’s clothing line for women.


With Nautica’s Kids wear, children can be as fashionable as the adults. They have all sorts of clothes that you could think of for boys and girls. Their shirts have varying designs: from fancy cartoon drawings to patterned fashionable prints. Whether you want to make your kids cute or classy looking, Nautica kids will surely make your kids look picture perfect.

Home Accessories

Nautica also aims to accessorize your home with their home accessories; from your closet, their products are also into invading your bedroom with their comforter and comforter sets, sheets and pillowcases, and throw pillows. If you want to add some urban feel to your bedroom or living room, their home accessories will do the job for you.


Watches belong to Nautica’s specialty. Their watches provide a functionality that’s reimagined. Their watches are designed to blend in whether it's during office hours to after hours, rainy days or on sunny days. Nautica watches are made to keep you stylish, under whatever circumstances, whenever.


Nautica is highly inspired from water, an element that reflects an adventurous spirit. The brand’s fragrances are authentically inclined to the adventurous spirit of the sea, which will give out an authentic scent in every drop.

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