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Nature's Sunshine Licorice Root 396mg 100 capsules
RM 75.70

Nature's Sunshine Licorice contains 396mg of Licorice Root per capsule. It is a rich source of magnesium, silicon and sodium, and contains high amounts of chromium, cobalt, iron, potassium and niacin (B3). Licorice's high mucilage content contributes to the herb's effective soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities.Uses: We know this herb for its wide use as a candy flavoring, but its value goes far beyond that. The dietary use of licorice goes back several thousand years by cultures throughout the world including the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Hindus. It grows wild in southern and central Europe and is extensively cultivated in Russia, Spain, Persia and India. Licorice was so valued in ancient Egypt that even King Tutankhamen was buried with a supply! Licorice is widely used as a flavouring, not only for confectionery (although most modern licorice candies are flavoured with anise) but also in cough drops, syrups, tonics and laxatives. It flavours certain kinds of beer, frozen dairy desserts, gelatines, puddings and meat products. The sweet root can be chewed as a special treat. Licorice is included in most Chinese herbal combinations to balance the other herbs and to promote vitality. Benefits: Licorice increases energy and reduces fatigue by lifting natural blood sugar levels. It is good for gastric inflammation. It increases the production of digestive fluids and bile, soothes mucus membranes, relieves pain and inflammation, relaxes muscle spasms, enables the body to expel phlegm, strengthens the adrenal glands, stimulates the adrenal cortex, lowers cholesterol, and acts as a mild laxative. It is also used to treat respiratory complaints such as sore throat, hoarseness (used as a tea), relief of cough in bronchitis and bronchial catarrh. It's soothing, healing qualities are found helpful in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, laryngitis and congestion. Licorice is also particularly beneficial for gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis, peptic ulceration and excessive stomach acid.

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Nature's Sunshine Vitamin A & D 100 capsules
RM 71.60

Vitamin A was the first vitamin to be discovered. It is essential in maintaining good vision and promoting normal growth. It occurs in animal tissues as retinol but in plants as carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. This Vitamin is necessary for the health of epithelial cells and the immune system. It is also required for the digestion of protein. It is essential for lactation, reproduction and the formation of steroid hormones. It is used to form the cells lining the digestive, respiratory, reproductive and urinary tracts and in all tissue linings of the body. It is also vital for healthy skin and is a famous antioxidant. It is best absorbed when taken with oil or fat. Each capsule contains 10,000 IU of vitamin A derived from fish oils, or 200 percent of the Daily Value. Vitamin D works synergistically with vitamin A. It plays a role in absorbing and regulating calcium and phosphorus. This vitamin helps the body synthesize protein and helps build strong bones, teeth and skin. It is vital to the health of the nervous system and kidneys. It can be derived from the suns action on oils secreted and reabsorbed by the skin. But if skin is tan or older, it is less capable of producing vitamin D. Each capsule of Vitamin A & D contains 400 IU of vitamin D, which is 100 percent of the Daily Value. Useful for various visual disorders. Has been shown to fight infection and enhance immunity. Promotes skin health

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Nature's Sunshine White Oak Bark 460mg 100 capsules
RM 78.20

Nature's Sunshine White Oak Bark is rich in tannin. Tannins give white oak bark its bitter and astringent qualities and may have an astringent effect on tissues. This herb is commonly used for supporting skin health. The White Oak (Quercus alba) is a species of oak in the white oak group Quercus sect. Quercus. It is native to eastern North America, from southern Quebec west to eastern Minnesota, and south to northern Florida and eastern Texas.Normally not a very tall tree, typically 20-25 m tall at maturity, it nonetheless becomes quite massive and its lower branches are apt to reach far out laterally parallel to the ground. The tallest known white oak is 44 m tall. It is not unusual for a white oak tree to be as wide as it is tall. Conversely, specimens at high altitude may only be small shrubs. White oaks have been known to live over five hundred years. The bark is a light ash-grey and somewhat peeling, variously from the top, bottom and/or sides.White oak was an important part of native American herbal medicine used for diarrhoea, haemorrhoids and to treat wounds. White oak listed in the US Pharmacopoeia (1820-1916) as an antiseptic, astringent and tonic.It is rich in tannins (quercitannic acids) known for their ability to shrink blood tissues and constrict and strengthen blood vessels. White oak bark tannins also exhibit antimicrobial and antiviral activity. White oak bark also acts as a mild diuretic to flush toxins and irritants from the body.White oak tannins have also been shown to inhibit the proliferation of intestinal parasites and treat ringworm.

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Nature's Sunshine Marshmallow 100 capsules
RM 80.00

Marshmallow has a high mucilage content. It has been used historically for respiratory support and to soothe inflamed mucous membranes. Marshmallow has been used in healing for some 2,500 years. Ancient cultures considered marshmallow a food to be eaten during times of famine, as well as a natural healer for abscesses and boils, burns, digestive upset, inflammation, insect bites and stings, sore throat, toothache, urinary irritation and wounds.Marshmallow contains mucilage which helps aid the expectorant influence of difficult phlegm and helps relax the bronchial tubes, while soothing and healing. It is valuable for all lung ailments and is especially good for asthma, and helps remove mucus from the lungs. It heals inflammation and prevents gangrene and other infections. Marshmallow is a great healing herb.It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant for the joints and the gastrointestinal tract. Marshmallow is also protective and healing in the irritations associated with diarrhoea and dysentery. Used externally as a poultice with cayenne, it can be used to treat blood poisoning, inflamed areas in the body including genital and urinary areas, alimentary, respiratory and intestinal. Benefits: Strengthens the mucous membranes as well as the respiratory system.Eases gastrointestinal irritation.May support the needs of irritated tissues, especially in the urinary tract.Supports the kidneys and bladder.

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Nature's Sunshine Herbal CA 100 capsules
RM 80.30

Nature's Sunshine Herbal CA is especially designed to supplement the body with a natural form of assimilable calcium, and is best taken with your regular Calcium and Magnesium supplement. Relatively high amounts of magnesium and silicon also work to make calcium more effective, benefiting in particular both the structural and nervous systems. Many cases of muscle cramping,periodontal disease, osteoporosis, and even certain nervous disorders are partly due to a shortage of vitamins and minerals. Supplementing the diet with plant foods rated high in these nutrients may be necessary to maintain or regain one's health. This formula includes: Alfalfa herb helps keep the joints healthy and contains many trace minerals because of its unusually deep root system Marshmallow root is a prime example of a mucilaginous, soothing herb that acts nutritionally to help the body soothe and heal inflamed tissues. It is an excellent herbal source of trace minerals, especially chromium, iron, magnesium and selenium. Plantain herb is well known in folklore to provide nutrients to help the body fight various toxins, working to strengthen the nervous, digestive, urinary, and circulatory systems. When one herb performs so many functions simultaneously, you know that in the right amounts it is useful for overall health. Horsetail herb is noted for its trace mineral profile and is an excellent herbal source of bioavailable silicon, calcium, magnesium, chromium, iron, manganese and potassium - all necessary for healthy joints and adjoining tissues. Its astringent qualities are used by the body to help reduce inflammation. Oatstraw stem contains silicon and magnesium, as well as crude fiber. It benefits the digestive, nervous, urinary and structural systems. Wheat grass herb is the young shoots of wheat, and wheatgrass is an excellent source of trace nutrients, especially superoxide dismutase, a natural antioxidant. Hops flowers aid the nervous system, but most people don't know they also benefit the urinary tract, liver and gallbladder.

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 If you are looking for Nature's Sunshine Vitamins, you can choose among Vitamin C. Basic colors like Yellow, White and Red are the most popular colors for Nature's Sunshine  Vitamins today in Malaysia. Popular models for Vitamins from Nature's Sunshine are usually from the Red Clover 320mg 100 capsules, Chamomile 250mg 100 capsules and Black Walnut 100 capsules collection. There are GNC, SOLGAR and Blackmores available if you are thinking twice about having Nature's Sunshine Vitamins. You can get Nature's Sunshine Vitamins for as low as RM 58.00 up to as much as RM 184.00 on iPrice Malaysia.