Whether you're looking for a gift or any specialty item, National Geographic in Malaysia has you covered. Read more about National Geographic products below.


Interesting finds with National Geographic Malaysia

National Geographic is a name that is automatically associated with travelling the planet, learning about the wonders of it, experiencing new cultures, as well as taking an in depth look of mother nature; animals and plants. Basically all things that have to do with preserving the planet and all the natural beauty in it. No longer just an award winning brand of magazines and television channel, this name has since branched out and expanded to so much more. The idea behind National Geographic is to strive and change the world, especially how people view it. National Geographic has expanded its horizon and created a line of merchandise as well as clothing that in tune with the essence of what this brand entails. Now you can own a piece of National Geographic with some of the products they offer.

High-quality bags & luggage

Go on an adventure just like Indiana Jones with the high quality bags and luggage's offered by National Geographic. Choose from a variety of bags for a range of purposes such as storing your camera, laptop and other gears. The camera bags make a great gift for any aspiring photographers out there.

For example, one of the more popular camera bags is the NG A6250 Africa Medium Satchel in brown. It is a functional, everyday bag that keeps your entire personal gear safe with the designated protective areas that are padded and removable. If you are ever in need of placing a laptop, there are compartments for that too. Carry the bag comfortably with the handle, thick shoulder straps or the rear trolley strap. A great add on to the camera bag is the National Geographic NG A9220 Midi Camera Insert. It helps to efficiently fit your camera and accessories as well as a padded compartment divider. Most of the bags come in colours inspired by nature such as green, brown, khaki and much more.

Hobbies & interests

The National Geographic Society has published countless of magazines and now you can own a copy too! Published monthly, these nature magazines feature photos that bring readers around the world to experience culture and meet the world's most interesting humans. Moreover, the purchase will come in a PDF format so that you can simply download it on your smartphone or tablet and read it on-the-go.

Other than magazines, National Geographic also publishes the Atlas of the world which features the essential guide to understanding today's increasingly interconnected world. The atlas focuses on illustrated maps and informational graphics chart based on the swift change in global themes such as population trends, urbanization, health and longevity, human migration, climate change, communications, and the world economy. Furthermore, the most important aspect of an atlas is the mapping section as well as the comprehensive collection of political maps.


Educational toys are the best way for children to develop their skills. National Geographic offers a variety of fun games such as board games, 3D puzzles as well as shark tooth digging kit! Their most popular game is the On Assignment with National Geographic which features photojournalism. Thus, players are given the opportunity to travel the globe and capture the wonders on film. In each story, players are required to have a skilled eye to capture the right pictures for each story. There are also unusual challenges along the way. Another toy that kids can benefit from is the exact change game. It teaches them to correctly add and subtract odd amounts of money.

Home Décor

Make your home look like an art exhibition with beautiful photos of wildlife with National Geographic 3D posters. The poster specializes in lenticular that bring the image and product to life. Simply place it at a strategic location in your home and enjoy the stunning picture. These posters focus on environmental and historical conservation.


If you’re into outdoor activities you might just find what you need! From hiking to scuba diving, National Geographic provides the best-quality gears. The snorkeler is made of hypoallergenic silicone and low profile double pane CE tempered lenses. Moreover, the frame is very light in weight and provides a clear wide field and increases the peripheral vision. On the other hand, the mask strap is flexible and can be easily replaced.

Observe the wonders of nature with the 8x21 pocket binocular which features an eight time magnification. It is useful to watch the Moon, plants or galaxy. Other than that, you can enjoy other things like bird-watching, astronomical observation and even watching matches at sports stadium or concert halls.

Do check out other interesting products such as jewellery, kitchen & dining, and computing only with National Geographic in Malaysia.