As one of the most successful anime and manga series, Naruto brings you the epic tale of teenage ninjas searching for recognition and purpose. More than just a ninja-themed high school story, Naruto will unleash epic proportion of exciting adventure as Naruto dreams of being the leader of his village despite being shunned by others. Read more about Naruto Malaysia below to find out.

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Top Naruto Merchandise that You Must Collect As a Naruto Fan

Renowned around the world as an epic tale of teenage ninjas, Naruto has been regarded as one of the most successful anime and manga series. Needless to say, it enjoys popular support from fans since it has an incredibly engaging storyline. Just behind the famous Dragon Ball and One Piece, Naruto is the third most popular manga series in the world.

Thanks to its popularity, there are tons of Naruto merchandise in the market. This can make you be spoilt for choices because you do not know where to start. Therefore, this is an amazing list of top Naruto merchandise that you must collect as a true Naruto fan.

Naruto Collectible Card Game

Despite being ended in 2013, the Naruto Collectible Card Game still proves to be very popular to this day. Published by Bandai, this collectable card game is a multiplayer game which players take alternating turns to put cards into play and attack with the combination of Ninja, Jutsu, Mission, and Client cards. Basically, the goal of the game is to earn ten battle rewards before the other player. Alternatively, you can force other players to run out of cards. When both players actually meet the conditions to win, such win is usually deferred to the current attacking player. Each player uses a deck that consists of 50 cards.

Needless to say, the Naruto Collectible Card Game set has been selling very well around the world. Even people that are not fans of Naruto have been said to enjoy this card game tremendously as well. While it receives cancellation in 2013, it is still being played widely around the world. Another interesting fact that many independent websites have taken it upon themselves to translate Japanese cards since the English version lags behind the Japanese version of the Naruto card game.

Naruto Action Figures

MegaHouse Naruto GEM Series

The proud MegaHouse Naruto GEM series has been renowned for its attention to detail and character accuracy. As such, you can always expect that every Naruto character enjoys its proportional sculpts that maintain the construct of the character. Not only that, you will be pleased to find realistic textures with amazing levels of physical believability. As a matter of fact, even the chiselled tree bark looks very real indeed. Besides, its glossy bases are emblazoned with each character's name and emblem. In addition, this really adds more to the uniqueness of the collector's flair at the same time.

Incredibly, the MegaHouse Naruto GEM series also allows more rooms for customization with additional heads and removable clothing. In other words, you can always display them in the poses that you really like to do. As of now, the popular figures from this MegaHouse Naruto GEM series are Naruto, Sasuke, Anbu Kakashi, Itachi, adult Naruto, and Hokage Kakashi.

MegaHouse Naruto Collective File DX

Despite being released from 2005-2006, the MegaHouse Naruto Collective File DX gives you the well-sculpted Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Temari, Gaara, and Neji that continue to be very sough after among Naruto fans and collectors alike. Obviously, these figures are the ones before they grow up in the Naruto Shippuden. Thanks to the wholesome purchase for the price, it is not surprising that they have been selling very well. Not just that, these MegaHouse Naruto Collective File DX figures also boast highly appealing sculpts that will draw your attention without much trouble at all. Furthermore, they also contain two or three interchangeable arms and props. Since they are exclusive releases, the rarity of these figures have also grown significantly and the similar can be said for their pricing as well.

PLEX Ultimate Model Collection & Door Painting Collection

Featuring three statues, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, the PLEX Door Painting Collection turns their iconic Naruto characters in their beginnings into true masterpieces. What is even more amazing is that all three of them are based on the official artwork by Masashi Kishimoto, they are quite large in their 1/7 scale. Furthermore, the Naruto fans actually describe them as nostalgic as they are detailed. If you are the fan of the original manga and Masashi Kishimoto's artwork, this trio of figures is highly recommended for your Naruto collection.

As for the PLEX Ultimate Model Collection series, it gives birth to this even more incredible Kazekage Gaara that will blow your mind away even if you are not a fan of Naruto. Garbed in highly detailed Kazekage regalia, Gaara's piercing gaze definitely leaves a lasting impression on those that meet his eyes. Although it is expensive, this does not stop dedicated Naruto fans from getting him in their collection. Once you have him on the display, you will be consumed with the epic proportion as this figure is really mind-blowing.

Gecco Naruto 1/6 Scale PVC Statues

Essentially, you can find the ultimate Naruto in poseable statues from Gecco. Compared with the MegaHouse Naruto GEM series, the Gecco series is certainly larger but more expensive. However, each Gecco statue contains three interchangeable heads, six arms, and four toes. In a simpler term, this is really great as it allows for a wide range of customization. Basically, you can do a lot of things that you like effortlessly. In fact, they certainly look imposing and incredible when you put them on the display.

Although it is a new addition to the Naruto collection, Gecco actually offers another level of dynamic poses and actions available in the action figure scene. From its first figure, Naruto, the Gecco figure enjoysoverwhelming responses from fans and collectors alike. Next, itsKakashi statue has been said to be the favorite among the fans. All in all, you will not be disappointed if you are getting from the Gecco Naruto 1/6 scale PVC statues.