The instant shawls have become a staple for all modern Muslim women who are always on a rush. Instant shawls have come in many shapes and colours, so you never have to worry about mixing and matching your fave outfits with your fave hijab. Below, you can read about all you need to know about hijab, Naelofar Hijab, and the Naelofar Hijab Collection in Malaysia.


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Naelofar Hijab Style Tips for Beginner Tudung Wearers

20 September 2017

What better way to welcome the season with impeccable outfits and easy-to-wear scarves from Naelofar Hijab? And just because you wear a headscarf doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your fashion sense.

What better way to welcome the season with impeccable outfits and easy-to-wear scarves from Naelofar Hijab? And just because you wear a headscarf doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your fashion sense.

Naelofar Malaysia: All You Need to Know About Their Hijab

Naelofar Malaysia is a Malaysian online boutique that offers instant shawl that can be worn as a headscarf or hijab. Actress and founder, Noor Neelofa, ensures that Naelofar hijabs can represent the inner beauty of the woman wearing their shawls. As a homegrown hijab manufacturer, Naelofar Malaysia knows how to satisfy any Muslim woman's needs.

What’s a hijab?

The word hijab is derived from the Arabic word for veil. The root word in Arabic is hajaba, which means to hide from view or conceal. It has been debated that there are other meanings to this word as well like to partition and put up a physical barrier. In Malaysia, the Malay word for hijab is tudung or tudong. Although not a necessity, many Muslim women choose to cover up to strengthen their faith.

However, as time goes by, wearing a hijab has evolved to something more than that. Modest dressing has become a lifestyle and a way to represent the self. Most might think a hijab will hinder self-expression but it’s actually the other way around. Women can still style their hijab according to their personal styles; it doesn’t always have to be drab and bland. With an instant shawl, you can play around with your look as much as you like. Find a hijab style that’s flattering for the shape of your face and your skin tone.

What is Naelofar?

Naelofar is one of the leading modest wear brands in Malaysia. Founded by actress Neelofa in 2014, Naelofar Malaysia has become a favourite of many local women due to its diverse styles and affordability. The brand now has boutiques in Isetan KLCC, Luxe Boutique TTDI, SOGO KL, as well as online through their official shop. Aside from that, Naelofar Hijab is also working with more than 500 authorized stockists throughout the region.

Naelofar Malaysia’s best-selling collections

The Naelofar hijab store offers instant shawls in many styles. In a nutshell, instant shawls are a piece of fabric that has been shaped to form a hijab with a foam sewn inside. This way, you can simply put your head through the shawl without needing to fold and pin the fabric. Below is a list of Naelofar’s instant shawl and merchandise collections suitable for any Muslim women.

  1. Babes & Basic. For those seeking a classic hijab style, the cotton lycra Babes and Basic instant shawl are for you. They are stretchable, clings to the head effortlessly, and rarely slips off. The Babes and Basic instant shawl come in 53 colours with best-selling colours including Sea Pink, Evening Haze, Elderberry, Boa, and Georgia Peach.
  2. Classy Warda. The Classy Warda is a line of fabulous, practical slip-on chiffon hijabs with adjustable pleats, perfect for women on-the-go. They’re available in more than 70 colours but the most popular colours are Wood Trush and Inca Gold. Other variations of the Warda shawls are Queen Warda, Lady Warda, and the Warda merchandise.
  3. Duchess. Your hair is the crown of your head, but when you can’t show your hair, your hijab then becomes it. With the Duchess instant shawl, you can always feel like a regal queen. The shawl is embellished with Swarovski crystals with a triangular design. They’re available in over 50 colours.
  4. Eva. The word means "beautiful" in Latin and the Eva shawls are nothing short of beautiful. Made to embrace and welcome the new year, Eva has Swarovski crystal scattered all over the shawl. Made with Korean chiffon in more than 50 colours, the Eva shawls are soft, fuss-free, and practical.
  5. Forever Young. These chiffon shawls are soft, stretchable, and drapes effortlessly over one’s head. The Forever Young instant shawls are appropriate for any types of events as they’re not over-the-top but still maintain a classy appearance. Though this shawl is available in more than 50 colours, the most popular colour is Magenta Haze and Cameo Green.
  6. Glam Women. Glam and women are two things that are impossible to be separated. No matter how one dresses, a woman will always be glamorous and enchanting. The Glam Women instant hijab includes shawls with an improved scallops design using Korean chiffon as its fabric. Best-selling colours are Cloud Dancer, Impatients Pink, and Ambrosia.
  7. Lady Lofa. The Lady Lofa scarves are named after the founder of Naelofar. It’s suitable for daily wear because of its breathability, softness, and its uncomplicated and straightforward design. Among the 48 colours available, the best-sellers are Candy Pink, Brook Green, Popcorn, and Reed. Other Lofa series include Miss Lofa Plain, Miss Lofa Swarovski, and Lady Lofa Luxe along with the Lady Lofa merchandise.
  8. Yasmine. The Yasmine line pays tribute to the traditional bawal-style hijab. For many Malaysians, especially those still in school, the bawal tudung can be considered as a woman’s first hijab. That’s why Naelofar released the Yasmine; a square-shaped scarf made with wool chiffon. They are available in 55 shades including the best-selling Cool Blue and Sunburst.

Other than bazaars, authorized resellers, their flagship shop, or their online shop, you can get your Naelofar instant shawl right now on iPrice. Through our partner online sellers like Lazada and Qoo10, you can purchase any Naelofar hijabs at an affordable and discounted price.

What is the price of Naelofar Hijab in Malaysia?

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