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My Scheming Gold Snail Essence Hydrating Black Mask 5 pcs
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Brand from Taiwan: My Scheming. Snail mucus is an animal polysaccharide that forms a moisturizing protective film. Contains collagen, vitamins, glycolic acid, whitening, prevents skin aging, soothes. Snail mucosa extracts high-protection mucopolysaccharide and a variety of active ingredients to provide rich skin nutrients and repair dry and dehydrated skin. Through the muscle base and quickly improve the skin's water retention, deep moisturizing, giving the skin a perfect moisturizing and moisturizing, maintaining a firm, full, smooth and delicate skin. Sodium hyaluronate can properly replenish the skin's moisture, further improve skin's water retention, prevent water loss, and maintain watery skin. Snail mucous membrane extracting essence contains mucopolysaccharide, which gives the skin excellent moisturizing effect, maintains a moist and full, smooth and delicate skin. Golden gold foil can enhance skin function, increase skin nutrient absorption, increase skin elasticity and vitality, and make skin shine like gold silk. Concentration hyaluronic acid forms a moisturizing film on the surface, giving the skin smooth, soft energy and enhanced elastic feel. The skin is like drinking enough water to let the beautiful luster shine through. Black velvet mask absorbs excess oil and dirt from the surface of the skin, cleans the skin and provides comfortable maintenance. The fabric weaving technology effectively carries nutrients and helps the essence into the skin layer. How to use: It is recommended to clean the skin before use, which will help follow-up skin care. Tear the mask aluminum bag and remove the mask. Adjust the fabric to the optimal face position. Depending on your personal habits, massage the essence until it is completely absorbed or washed with water.

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