My Dear Malaysia offers what’s best for your baby. From strollers, baby carriers, car seats, safety gates, etc., My Dear Malaysia is a brand you can trust; click here to read more about the brand.


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My Dear 28050 Baby Carrier RM 135.00 Lazada
My Dear 28050 Baby Carrier Purple RM 135.00 Lazada
My Dear 18054 Baby Stroller RM 149.00 Shopee
My Dear 18023 Baby Stroller RM 259.00 Shopee
My Dear 30008 Car Seat RM 146.00 Lazada
My Dear 28035 Baby Soft Carrier RM 89.00 Shopee
My Dear 18010 Baby Stroller RM 186.00 Shopee
My Dear 18113 Baby Stroller RM 175.00 Shopee
My Dear 18024 RM 224.00 Shopee
My Dear 30034 Car Seat RM 310.00 Shopee
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My Dear 28050 Baby Carrier

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My Dear Malaysia - Knowing What’s best for your Baby

Known both locally and internationally, My Dear Malaysia offers a wide array of products for you and your baby since 1981. Cherish every moment with your toddler and make the most out of this time in your adult life with the best products from My Dear Malaysia - a brand you can trust with your baby.

About My Dear Malaysia

My Dear Malaysia is a home-grown baby products company formed in 1981. Known locally as Cuang Cheng Mao Yi Sdn Bhd, My Dear Malaysia is a brand known internationally for its premium quality, safety and reliability. They are currently based in Selangor with warehouses across the country. Knowing the local market and demand, My Dear continues to create the best products for its clients, not only in the country but from around the world.

My Dear Malaysia Baby Must-haves

My Dear Malaysia has a wide array of baby products to make parenting easier and better. During this stage of development, your child needs the right amount of attention from feeding down to the baby’s daily exercise. My Dear products range from baby accessories, baby walkers, strollers and carriers, safety chairs, sterilizers, beddings, mosquito nets and cribs, guaranteed to make your baby safe and comfortable throughout this moment in life. We know you want what’s best for your baby, that is why My Dear Malaysia gives you only the best and the safest products for your child.

  • Strollers
  • Sterilizers
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Baby Beddings
  • Baby bags
  • Safety Gate
  • Car seats
  • Playpens and cribs

How to choose the right products for your toddler

Who knew someone so little would need so many things? With the number of baby products available today, it can be a little bit confusing and time consuming to shop for your child. My Dear Malaysia gives you the opportunity to make the most out of this moment in life and enjoy your new found love with the best baby products for you. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the right baby equipment for your child:

  • Choosing a crib. A normal baby sleeps up to 16 hours a day, that is why a good crib should be in place. When buying cribs, make sure that metal parts have no sharp edges that could break the baby’s skin. Slats should be at least 2 â…œ inches apart to prevent your baby’s head or limbs from getting stuck in them. Moreover, it should also be high enough to prevent them from climbing over; this also applies to safety gates. Moreover, a crib should be sturdy enough to hold the baby such as My Dear cribs and playpens. When choosing your baby’s bedding, don’t be tempted to buy fluffy blankets and pillows. Organic cotton beddings are well-recommended to avoid toxic substances.
  • How to choose a stroller. Strollers make shopping or long walks much easier for you and your baby, so a good stroller must also be a must-have. There are all sorts of strollers available today from light to heavy-weight types which have their own pros and cons; the choice depends on your preferences with tons of accessories to choose from. However, when choosing a stroller, keep in mind of the following things:
    1. Watch out for exposed coil springs that could injure your child.
    2. Purchase a stroller with a locking mechanism to secure it.
    3. Safety belts must be attached to the stroller’s frame or upholstery.
    4. The stroller should be stable, even on inclined surfaces.
    5. It should also be easy to steer with good wheels and suspension with breaks.
    6. A good baby stroller has a sunshade and great storage space.
  • Choosing an infant car seat. Strollers and car seats play an important role when it comes to your child’s transport. Whether going out shopping or heading to checkups, an infant car seat secures your child in your car. When choosing one, you should consider three types of baby car seats:
    1. Fixed rear-facing
    2. Convertible rear-facing
    3. Removable rear facing

Fixed car seats are installed on the car and cannot be removed while convertible car seats are able to grow with your child and can be changed to forward-facing once your kid grows. However, removable facing baby seats are a much more convenient option. It can be secured on the spot in your car and comes in with a carry handle or a part of a stroller system which you can take with you on your destination.

  • Choosing a diaper bag. A diaper bag is going to be your best friend in the coming years as your baby grows up that is why investing in a good diaper bag would be helpful. My Dear Malaysia has a wide array of high-quality diaper bags. The brand features easy-to-close zippers, pockets and huge compartments to organize all your baby’s needs with strong straps for easy handling.

My Dear Malaysia offers only the best for your toddler; it is a brand you can trust. Their products are made with high-quality and safe materials, designed to maximize your baby’s growth and development. Parenthood doesn’t have to be sleepless nights and tired days, enjoy this moment with your newborn and make lasting memories with My Dear Malaysia.