Whether you’re a fashionista or not, watches are the ultimate fashion accessory. It’s a good thing that MVMT in Malaysia has delicately created such fine time pieces for both men and women. Take home your own luxurious MVMT watch or read more about their best-sellers below.

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The Best MVMT Watch for Men and Women in Malaysia

MVMT (pronounced “movement”) was a dream to shake up the watch and fashion industry and it’s surely making waves. Since 2013, MVMNT has been the subject of fashion revolution, especially on Instagram. While the brand has expanded to other accessories, their main focus is still in creating the best and most fashionable timepieces for your wrist. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or someone who’s looking for a new timepiece, here are some of the best MVMT watches that you should consider:

Best MVMT Watch for Men

MVNT Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone

Gunmetal has been making waves in today’s fashion for being a utilitarian color. It’s versatile, minimal, and ultimately fashionable. This watch is a battery-powered 6-hand chronograph, standing out from the face of the watch are blue chronograph dials. It’s simple, elegant, and stylish.

MVMT Voyager Slate

Like most of MVMT’s watches, the Voyager Slate is no exception to elegant style with its brushed black stainless steel case and mesh. Black is an elegant and flexible color, especially for men. This watch is battery-powered 5-hand Miyota dual-time movement.

MVMT Classic Black Link

Slip into something classier with the MVMT Classic Black Link watch. Inspired by the vintage era, this watch has large black markers and a bright red second-hand that looms from the background. MVMT keeps it simple with an all-black stainless steel case and strap. You can’t get any classier than this watch.

MVMT 40 Series Rose Gold Natural Tan Leather

Rose Gold is an elegant color, not only for women but also for men. It may have feminine appeals but maybe it’s something you need to revamp your look. This MVMT watch is a battery-powered 3-hand Miyota Quartz. What makes it so amazing is its brushed rose gold stainless steel case, hands, and markers. It also has a red second hand to reinforce the color. Against the white background, this watch is a new take on what a man’s watch should be.

MVMT Modern Sport Mariner

When it comes to watches for men, MVMT never fails to provide the best timepieces. The MVMT Modern Sport Mariner is a bold and masculine watch with a dark red rim on its face, white markers, and a red second hand. It is a battery-powered 3-hand Miyota Quartz watch with a water resistance of 10 ATM which makes it a great watch for swimmers and sailors.

Best MVMT Watch for Women

MVMT Boulevard Santa Monica

Like in all MVMT watches, the MVMT Boulevard Santa Monica is an exceptional watch. What makes it so eye-catching is its brushed rose gold stainless steel case which maximizes the area of the face, giving rise to details such as its rose gold markings, dials, and hands against the dark background. Whether you want to treat yourself or as a gift to a loved one, this timepiece is certainly perfect.

MVMT Avenue Lexington

Not everything that shines is gold, sometimes it’s the MVMT Avenue Lexington watch. First glance, this watch is one fit for royalty. It is made entirely from rose gold from its strap down to its markings and dials. This watch is a piece fit for queens.


Staying true to its philosophies to revolutionize the watch industry with new designs, the MVMT Mod G2 is one women’s watch you shouldn’t miss. Its 32mm case size is emphasized by its 12mm taupe stainless steel strap. Against the dark background, a rose gold case, hands, and markers are clearly seen with such elegance. It’s a modern watch for the modern woman.

MVMT Nova Orion

Perhaps one of the most beautiful watches from MVMT’s repertoire, the MVMT Nova Orion is a sight to behold. It is a complete mix of feminine prowess. First off, the strap is made of titanium and rose gold which is beautifully polished along with its titanium steel case. Standing out from the dark grey background are rose gold hands, markers, and second hand which dances uninterrupted.

MVMT Gala Sherry

Exuding in feminine appeal, the MVMT Gala Sherry is an accessory fit for an A-list celebrity. A distinct feature of this amazing watch is its stainless steel chain link. With its dark background, minute features such as its rose gold markers, dials, and hands that emergeges from the dark background.

MVMT has created a great selection of watches for both men and women. What makes MVMT so special is their minimalist designs that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. The brand takes pride in their unique styles and designs so #JointheMVMT, get your own MVMT watch for the best price in Malaysia!