Bodybuilding is life. Bodybuilding is an obsession. Whether you plan to get swol or simply be a personification of perfect aesthetics, Muscletech Malaysia has what you need. Every type of supplement you need is here. Find out more below.


Perfect Aesthetics with Muscletech Malaysia

You mirin brah?

The unforgettable words of the legendary Zyzz ring in our minds every time someone checks out our aesthetics. Truth be told, it’s incredibly tough to keep a strict workout regime; even harder to maintain a balanced diet. With Malaysia’s awesome food choice, eating clean becomes a chore. Thankfully, building muscle is achievable with Muscletech Malaysia. Sporting supplements for every kind of physique, Muscletech keeps up with your body. Whether you intend to bulk up, lose weight or simply get fit, Muscletech keeps you on point. Read more to find out how to get the best from Muscletech Malaysia.

Muscletech helps you build muscle

Not all of us were born with good genes. Most of us Asians are scrawny and thin even when healthy. Much of bulking up comes from a good diet and strict workout routine. Supplements then, are the key to getting building valuable muscle. Muscletech allows you to do this by simply separating natural muscle-building fibres in supplements.

What you need to do:

When looking for the right Muscletech muscle-building supplements, the choice is narrowed down with the help of a few pointers. Firstly, look for the supplement that fits your routine. If you intend to replace your meals with a protein shake, you would go for a product like the Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer or the Whey Protein.

If you intend to simply take small supplements to your diet or for you pre-workout, you might want to look into Whey-based supplements which include Creatine (a supplement to promote muscle healing and muscle growth) such as the Platinum 100% ISO-Whey or the Platinum Multi-Vitamin Advanced.

Muscletech for weight-loss

You may not know this, but Muscletech supplements help with weight loss too! Incredibly good news for those of us who might want to shed a few pounds or are in cutting phase. Choosing supplements for weight-loss means you need to look for ingredients that reduce the bulk. Most of the time, we find people who have excess body fat tend to gravitate towards these products. Check out the Muscletech Nitro Tech Ripped Ultimate Protein.

You don’t always have to substitute your meals for a protein shake. Simply continue eating healthy while taking your vitamins and shake as sides. Give it some time and your results will start showing.

Simple choices for Godlike aesthetics

When building for aesthetics, we want simple choices in both our food and exercise routines. Muscletech presents simple choices for you to follow. Check out Mucletech’s workout routines suggested for each supplement available. The most adequate ‘how-tos’ are shown on the main website.

Don’t want to bulk up? Tired of taking supplements to add on protein and mass? If you are an all-natural bodybuilder, Muscletech has what you need. Muscletech multi-vitamins provide the ultimate well-rounded nutrition to add on to your diet. Some of these include the Platinum Multi-Vitamin series that is high in antioxidants and vitamin C & E to boost your immune system.

Choose tasty supplements

Another way to choose your supplements is by taste. As human beings, our taste buds are incredible tools to make use of. In this case, you can choose Muscletech protein shakes based on their delicious tastes. You can also find the most delectable choices of protein bars and crunch bars in a variety of flavours. Some of these scrumptious flavours you can find include:

  • Gourmet Milk Chocolate
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Vanilla Birthday Cake
  • Mocha Cappucino Swirl
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate

Hear it from the pros

In fitness, it’s important to have an idol. Our fitness idols range from Hollywood actors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to fitness models such as Connor Murphy. The best way to get excited about Muscletech supplements is to hear it from the professionals. Listen to sports performance coach Marc Megna, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Santi Aragon or TV host/Fitness model Lauren Abraham as to their inspiration to use the brand in their everyday life. Or hear it from brand ambassadors such as fitness model Amelia Jane Dale, bodybuilder Alex Babatunde or other fitness models in the industry that trust Muscletech as the number one brand to supplement their fitness. Made for both men and women, the brand carries fitness to a whole new level.

At the end of the day, there are many aspects to fitness that we need to consider. Going with supplements alone won’t make your muscles grow. You will need to invest time, effort and overall, determination. Go all out and conquer each workout without giving up. Get motivation from Muscletech’s videos and encouraging studies on fitness. You too can achieve perfect aesthetics like your idols.