Morinaga has a long history and was the first Japanese formula that was marketed in Malaysia. The recipe was introduced in Malaysia in 1968 and in Malaysia at least 3 generations received high-quality nutrition.

Best milk powder for babies? | Is Morinaga Milk good for babies?


Morinaga Milk - Everything You Need to Know

Since milk has long been recognized as an essential nutrient source to sustain life, they constantly investigating milk to identify elements and bioactive substances that can be extracted and used in conjunction with other ingredients to produce nutritious products. The mission of Morinaga has been over the years to provide critical nutrition to children as well as adults on an ongoing basis.

Morinaga has technological excellence and not only offers dairy products but also advantageous functional ingredients isolated from milk components. For more than 30 years, Morinaga has been exporting its technology and goods to about 30 countries worldwide. It was founded in 1949 by Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

Which is the best milk powder for newborn babies?

Morinaga Chil-Kid has a moderate, less sweet vanilla flavour, making the recipe more delicious. A milk formula that offers a suitable supply of nutrients for the growth and development of babies.

Morinaga Chil-Kid also contains essential GOS, AA, and DHA nutrients, such as nucleotides, vitamins D, B6, and E, Folic Acid, Taurine, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc that enable your child to develop. Morinaga Chil-kid also one of their best milk powder for newborn babies.

Is Morinaga Milk good for babies?

Dairy Farm Services staff at 6 locations across Japan confirm the safety, and sanitation of raw milk on a visit of farmers supplying the raw milk and the cooling stations, where the milk is collected and relayed, to ensure safety, reliability, and high-quality milk and milk products with greater accuracy. A group company named MORINAGA DAIRY SERVICE CO., LTD. partners milk farmers as a seller of good feed and as an informational supplier of feeder management, and developers of trustworthy relationships through direct contact to raise awareness of the importance of safety and reliability throughout the Morinaga Milk for the babies.