If you are looking for lovely leather shoes that can channel your timeless charm, MOR is the brand that you should check out. At the same time, you will be amazed at how this simple pair of shoes can transform your look for better. Read more about MOR Malaysia below to find out.

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A Quick Guide to Buy Leather Shoes that Fit Your Style

The power and appeal of the good ol' leather shoes are simply irresistible despite the fact that there are tons of equally fashionable pieces in the market. Thanks to their classy reputation, they are easily one of the best options available to exude that sophisticated look effortlessly. At the same time, they usually worth their price since they can last for years. Needless to say, the world of fashion is the place where trends will be just passing fad in just a matter of time. However, the legendary leather shoes continue to triumph and make their way in today's fickle fashion realm.

As time passes on, there are now an incredible selection of leather shoes in terms of shapes and designs. In other words, it is a tedious task to find the leather shoes which match with your outfit. Like other fashion accessories, you just need a good eye to choose the perfect pair of leather shoes. Therefore, this is a quick guide that can help you to get leather shoes that fit your style perfectly.

Forms of Leather Shoes

Before hitting the store to hunt for your leather shoes, there is a basic knowledge that you should be familiar with. As a matter of fact, you should know that the leather shoes are sold in three different forms: full grain leather, corrected grain leather and suede. For the first leather form, the full grain leather is actually the natural leather made from the finest of all raw materials. In other words, you will find that the hide is left natural and clean while the hairs have been taken away.

To the naked eye, the corrected grain leather can be indistinguishable from full grain leather. Despite its durability, the corrected grain leather can be rigid and give you the plastic-like feel when you touch it. What about suede leather? It is referring to a type of leather with a soft, napped finish. Since it does not include the tougher exterior skin layer, it is softer and less durable than the full grain leather. When you find out each strength and weakness of a particular leather form, this should offer you the key insight when it comes to selecting your preferred leather shoes.

Accentuate Your Body Shape & Legs

While the leather shoes are great to pair well with your outfits, it is also best to look into what type or style of leather shoes that flatter your body shape and legs. Needless to say, it is true that some particular style does look better on you than other styles. This is where you need the general idea to balance out your body shape and make the best out of it.

Vertical Body Shape

When it comes to vertical body shape, you are actually looking at two body shapes that are characterized by long legs, short torso or short legs, long torso. In a simpler term, these two body shapes project your body shape as vertical.

For those that have long legs and short torso, you can have a fun time to experiment with various styles. Even then, you still need to pay attention to shape and scale of your long legs. This is important so that you can achieve the perfect balance as you can enjoy elongating your torso in the process. There are times when you are having issue with your long legs since you personally think that they are too skinny for you. In order to solve such problem, you can always opt for rounded toes shoes or flat designs.

If you one of those that have short legs, long torso, you should not be worry because there are ways to accentuate your body shape for better. As the rule of thumb, you must avoid shoes that shorten your legs visually. Not only that, you must avoid horizontal details as well. Besides, you also must avoid wearing the straps on your ankles. Needless to explain, these shoes will definitely project your worst silhouette unintentionally. As for the leather shoes, it will be great if you can select the ones that blend well with the bottom, hosiery or skin.

Horizontal Body Shape

The horizontal body shape are people that are have prominent upper body, heavy and wide lower body or straight/narrow hips. Without further explanations, these horizontal body shape do need pairs of leather shoes that can balance well. For those with prominent upper body, you are considered as having an inverted triangle, apple or wide torso (tummy, bust, shoulders). In order to balance out, you should choose leather shoes with great details and bright colors so that can draw attention by bringing the eyes downwards.

People with heavy and wide lower body are those that have pear, hourglass or wide/full hips, thighs and legs. One trick that you should follow is to keep the color and details basic or to a minimum. This is being done to avoid highlighting the bottom part of your body. With this method, it can flatter your body effortlessly. Although you are wearing a basic or minimalist leather shoe design, you will be surprised at how it turns out. Finally, those with straight/narrow hips should have fun with various shoe styles because you are a rectangle with a straight figure. As a matter of fact, you should focus to add more curves and dimensions to your body shape. The perfect example is to use bead-detailed leather shoes that can inject more fun and creativity into perfecting your overall appearance.

Classy & Timeless MOR Malaysia Leather Shoes

Thanks to its well-placed passion and dedication into all of its products, MOR emerges as one of the leading names in the arena of leather shoes. Classy and timeless at the same time, these exceptional designs are your ticket to look put together without trying too hard. For more exciting designs, you should definitely take a look at the wonderful MOR shoes collection.