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Monster High : Doubly Ghoulicious DVD
RM 39.80

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play. Freaky Fusion While attempting to help Frankie learn more about her family scaritage, the ghouls inadvertently travel back in time to the year 1814 where they meet Sparky, a misguided, teen scientist obsessed with the creation of life. Driven to discover the secret of life, Sparky follows the Frankie back to modern day Monster High - causing a lab accident and causing eight ghouls to fuse into four new monsters! Unable to control their new freaky fusion bodies, they welcome the help of the new Hybrid students at Monster High who teach them to coordinate both halves of their monster powers! Trouble explodes when Sparky constructs a deranged Monster in his quest to create life. Now Frankie and friends have to stop Sparky's science experiment gone wrong, before it destroys the school - or worse. Scaris Screams come true in the city of frights! When Clawdeen Wolf gets the chance to apprentice for the legendary fashion designer Madame Ghostier, she and her best ghoul friends immediately pack their bags and hop on a plane to beautiful Scaris, France. As Clawdeen competes against two worthy opponents, Skelita Calaveras and Jinafire Long, her pals Frankie Stein and Rochelle Goyle uncover clues to a spooktacular secret hidden deep beneath the cobblestone streets. Join the ghouls from Monster High for the fangtastic adventure of a lifetime in Scaris - the city where screams really do come true!

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Monster High : Friday Night Frights/why Do Ghouls Fall In Love? DVD
RM 24.20

All Regions Product Description Monster High: Friday Night Frights School spirit couldn't be higher as Monster High is racing toward the Skrm (Skullitmate Roller Maze) finals when Clawd and Deuce are mysteriously injured and the team is short its star players. Frankie takes on the tradition of the "boys only sport" and convinces her ghoulfriends to join the team and save Monster High’s school sprirt! They reanimate the game with style, flair and their own unique monster talents. It looks like they are taking Monster High to the Skrm championship until the rival team starts to play dirty tricks. The fate of the sport and their school’s cred are at stake as they skate for the finish line! Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love Draculaura’s sweet sixteen hundredth birthday is an extra special occasion to party at Monster High, but her high expectations lead to deadly results for her social life when she is faced with the decision between practical boyfriend Clawd and new vampire heartthrob, Valentine, who is a romantic blast from her past. Her ghoulfriends find it odd that he created a holiday in her honor, but named it after himself (how romantic?) and have to stop him before he steals her heart…literally! Draculaura must decide which boy is right for her before the party! Will she find out about Valentine’s sinister plan? Will her beast ghoulfriends be able to help her in time? Will Cupid be a villain or a hero? And most importantly…will Draculaura pass her driving test?

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Monster High : Collection DVD
RM 74.00

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play. Collection of six animated adventures based on the American fashion doll franchise. In 'Scaris - City of Frights' (2013), Clawdeen and her friends travel to Scaris, France, when Clawdeen is offered a new job with a famous fashion designer. While Clawdeen begins her post, Rochelle uncovers a secret hidden beneath the city's streets. In 'Friday Night Frights' (2012), with their school having lost its spirit after being defeated in the annual roller derby tournament known as Skrm (Skultimate Roller Maze), the ghouls step forward to take on their arch enemies, the gargoyles of Granite City High. In 'Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?' (2011), the ghouls have to work hard to bring back harmony when other monster schools are forced to integrate with Monster High. With Administrator Van Helscream determined to divide and rule, it's up to Draculaura, Frankie and the rest of the gang to prove they can all get along. In '13 Wishes' (2013), while trawling through the school's attic one day, Clawdeen's sister Howleen Wolf discovers an old genie lantern. After freeing the grateful genie inside, he grants Howleen 13 wishes instead of the usual three. But with a dark side attached to every wish, life for the students at Monster High suddenly becomes fiendishly complicated when events rapidly begin spiralling out of control. In 'Ghouls Rule' (2012), after being told for years that Halloween was a time for monsters to remain indoors and avoid any potential conflicts with the 'normies'; Frankie and her gang of ghoulfriends are determined to bring the good times back by going out to party - monster style! In 'Frights; Camera, Action' (2013), when Draculaura is told that she is the heir to the vampire throne in Transylvania, she and the other ghouls prepare for the coronation. However, it seems there's been a misunderstanding and the search for a new queen is not yet complete. Together they set off on a trans-continental adventure which takes them from Londoom to Hauntlywood as they hunt down the Vampire's Heart and discover the identity of the true queen.

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Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action DVD RM 25.60 Nzgameshop
Monster High: Freaky Fusion DVD RM 24.20 Nzgameshop
Monster High: Haunted DVD RM 24.20 Nzgameshop
Monster High: Boo York! Boo York! DVD RM 27.00 Nzgameshop
Monster High: Scaris City Of Frights DVD RM 28.40 Nzgameshop
Monster High: Boo York! Boo York! DVD RM 28.40 Nzgameshop
Monster High Ghouls Rule DVD RM 25.60 Nzgameshop
Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef DVD RM 25.60 Nzgameshop
Monster High 13 Wishes DVD RM 29.90 Nzgameshop
Monster High: Friday Night Frights/why Do Ghouls Fall In Love? DVD RM 28.40 Nzgameshop
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