In the world of motorsports, Momo is a huge name. With a repertoire expanding from supercar conglomerates to racing moguls and motorsport successes, Momo is making headlines all over the world. Here in Malaysia, Momo is among the top car parts we look for to customize and enhance our automobiles. Now you too can get Momo in Malaysia. Find out more here.

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Racing perfection by Momo in Malaysia

From ricers to drifters, one brand is much loved among automotive junkies – Momo. In Malaysia, Momo has become such a famous brand of automotive parts that even non-car enthusiasts know what it is about. Bringing in parts such as tyres, oils, racing decals, protective racing gear and even prototype technology, this Italian brand has brought awesome innovations to Malaysia. Nowadays, you can find Momo in Malaysia online. No more do you have to scout the automotive shops to compare prices. Everything from Momo is right here. Find Momo parts in Malaysia here on iprice. Browse the product selection above or follow these links to know more.

Momo History

From the onset of automotive racing, Momo has played a part in the biggest names in the industry. Bringing car companies of racing performance, Momo is one of the Italian names responsible. Founded in 1964 by a race car driver named Gianpiero Moretti, the company started off innovating steering wheels for Ferrari’s F1 cars. Diversifying into many areas of automotive sports, Momo became a popular name. As its fame grew, Momo took to the production of allow wheels and rims. By the 1980s, huge names in the automotive industry had taken a liking to Momo parts and accessories, including names like Porsche, Subaru, Toyota, Honda and Aston Martin.

Today, attend any race and you will find Momo sponsors on the side of the winning teams. Not only for sports, but for everyday cars and vehicles, Momo has thousands of auto parts that enhance your ride’s performance and comfort. Let’s look at some of Momo’s products in their 50 years of success.

Momo Motorsports

When it comes to motorsports, choose a name that has outperformed other brands in the industry. Momo’s commitment in today’s motorsports definitely gives credibility to any of its products. In recent years, Momo has committed to 4 different types of motorsports, which are; Momo Megatron, Momo Ansa, Momo Racing Performance (RP) and Momo NGT motorsports. Each of the above mentioned culminates in world-class performance of supercars, Le Mans, Porsche Cup and F1 super-sports. Approved by the ECE R-124, which is acknowledged by 48 countries in the world, Momo motorsports lays claim to some of the most innovative breakthroughs in modern day automotive technology.

Making the best out of each sport, Momo has managed to bring teams to conquer each gruelling phase of the track and circuit to come out on top of the competition. Today, Momo can do the same for you. Whether it’s performance or comfort you desire, Momo is the name you want.

Momo automotive parts

Anytime you head to the auto shop with the intention to modify your ride, you can start with the brand of your intended parts. More commonly known in Malaysia for steering wheels, Momo is one name you can definitely trust. Momo automotive parts are a good place to start. Momo’s list of enhancements range from the following:

  • Momo road wheels
  • Momo staggered wheels
  • Momo tuning (sports steering wheels)
  • Momo Lightning (sports steering wheels)

Momo’s bestselling products are mainly in the line of sports steering wheels and tires.

Momo fits any car

The beauty of living in Malaysia is the ability to customize your car with many types of enhancements. Momo caters to these advancements and provides equipment for any car brand out there. Whether you are driving a Honda or a Toyota, Fiat or Renault, you get unlimited varieties of modifications to suit your car. Whether you are driving a brand new car or you intend to refurbish an old one into a racing horse, Momo has the tools for you.

The bestsellers

Let’s look at some of the bestsellers in Momo’s line-up. of course we have mentioned the sports steering wheels, but let’s go a little deeper into the types of steering wheels you can get. Typically we would modify our car’s steering cluster to retrofit a sports steering. But there are other types of steering too. Here are some options you can get:

Momo Tuning (sports steering wheels)

  • Momo Competition Evo
  • Momo Indy
  • Momo Tomcat
  • Momo Drifting (red/yellow/blue/orange)
  • Momo GT50

Momo Rims

  • Momo Sting
  • Momo Revenge
  • Momo Europe Carbon Black
  • Momo Quantum Evo
  • Momo Sentry

Momo Racing Gloves

  • Momo Xtreme Pro
  • Momo Pro Racer Ext
  • Momo Pro Racer Club
  • Momo Top Light

Momo Racing Shoes

  • Momo GT Pro
  • Momo Pro Rally
  • Momo Pro Racer Evo
  • Momo Top GT

Other add-ons from Momo include sports racing seats (bucket seats), aluminium side mounts, racing suits and helmets, balaclavas and Long Johns. You get the complete racing package so you can protect yourself like the Stig when in race mode.

Get Momo online today with iprice

Now that you know more about Momo, it’s time to get going on the shopping. Get yourself Momo equipment with iprice Malaysia today and you can save big bucks. No more will you head out to the shops to compare prices. Simply shop online and get everything you need here. Happy shopping!