Get fierce with only the best in sporting goods in Malaysia with Molten sports on iprice. Great discounts and offers await you when you shop here! Find out more below.


Molten sports gear in Malaysia

The word ‘Molten’ in the general term is used to describe metals in their liquid form, most of the time after being heated high enough to melt it. But did you know the name Molten is huge in the area of sports? Molten sports gear is so widely used, professional athletes trust none other. In Malaysia, Molten is fast becoming a leading brand in sports accessories. Molten sports goods keep up with you as you train. Overcome obstacles in an instant with the best in Molten sports gear by buying online at iprice. Check out the huge range of Molten Malaysia products above or find out more with the links below.

Get fierce with Molten sports goods

It’s not uncommon to see the name Molten around, especially in sports arenas. Etched on basketballs, footballs, on court sides as sponsors for big games, and even on players’ attire, Molten is a huge name in the field of sports. It’s no surprise then that Molten is a favourite among athletes and Olympic teams all over the world. From the UK to USA and even in Asia, Molten has made a name for itself. Created in 2003 in the UK by the Unicorn Group, Molten has led the game in the field of sports gear, particularly in the making of sports balls (basketballs and footballs). Today, Molten is the leading ball manufacturer in the world. With a spirit for competition and the search for being the best in the field, Molten brings out the fierce competition. This ferocious life-force is what propels the brand to give you only the best in sporting goods. Check out more with Molten sports gear below.

Molten sports gear – A selection to get you on top of your game!

What comes to your mind when you think of sports gear? A slew of brands with the biggest names in games and sporting goods might come up. But what if we told you that there is only one brand you need to know about? Might seem like far-cry from possibility, but once you’ve come to see Molten’s selection and the wonders it does for professional athletes, you will believe! Some of Molten’s best selection lies in Molten sports & outdoors equipment. Bask in awesomeness with these selections:

  • Molten basketballs
  • Molten volleyballs
  • Molten footballs

To be the best, you’ve got to beat the rest! Don’t settle for less. Molten sports and outdoors has got all your need to be at the top of your game.

Molten Basketballs

The number one game on Molten’s sports hall of fame is basketball. Molten basketballs give you the courage to shoot for the stars. Muster courage and confidence knowing you’re working with world-class perfection. Jump on to a court with a Molten basketball in Malaysia and everyone will want to play ball. Quality and texture of the ball is international-grade material and you know you’ll be getting only the best from Molten’s basketballs.

Molten Footballs

Love the game, love the sport. Football has been part and parcel of life in Malaysia. Most of us live the game more than just play it. Thankfully, Molten sports brings Footballs that propel you to the pinnacle of excellence. If you own one, you’ll be the designated ball-bringer to any football game. With the likes of Euro Cup, Fifa and more world football events, Molten has made its name big in the field.

Molten Sports Gear with iprice

Buying sports gear online has never been easier! Now with iprice’s great discounts on Molten sports goods and accessories, you can get ahead in the competition without the worry of costs. From Sports & Outdoors and Bags, you can find varieties of products from Molten that would suit you. Yellow, White and Orange are amongst the most popular colours from Molten products. Find discounts up to 57% for Molten products only on iprice! BGL7X Basketball (Orange), GG7 FIBA Basketball and Libertria Leather Basketball (Orange) are topselling products from Molten. Nike, Unbranded and Broccoli are excellent alternatives for Molten.

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