While there are many brands of notebooks out there, we are sure that you would be interested in what Moleskine has to offer. Made from the best quality of products and designed to look simple and yet unique, Moleskine’s products are the best for people looking to record their passions, imaginations and creativity. Click here to learn more about the brand.


Experience Luxurious Paper Products from Italy with Moleskine Malaysia

Moleskine Malaysia’s Legendary Notebooks for Artists and Thinkers

Founded in 1997 by Maria Sebregondi in Italy, Moleskine is a manufacturer of luxurious notebooks and other paper products. The Moleskine notebooks are said to be the heir of the legendary notebooks that were used by artists and thinkers like Vincent Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. In fact, the present Moleskine notebook is produced based on the description from Bruce Chatwin of the notebooks he used. In fact, the name ‘Moleskine’ came from his account of that little black notebook in his book The Songlines. It was this description that led Maria Sebregondi to pitch the idea of resurrecting these iconic notebooks for the Italian company Modo & Modo. And it was a lucky thing that Modo & Modo agreed with the idea because Moleskine has since spread its influence across the globe.

Today, Moleskine is a brand that is synonymous with culture, travel, imagination and personal identity. The brand is home to planners, diaries, sketchbooks, leather goods as well as other accessories and stationeries. Among them, the most popular products are still their notebooks.

Finding the Perfect Travel Companion with Moleskine Malaysia

Moleskine notebooks are typically made to have ivory-coloured paper, rounded corners as well as an elastic band to hold the notebook closed. The Moleskine notebooks comes with coated cardboard paper as well as a sewn spine that allows the notebook to lie flat when opened. The notebooks are available in two sizes: Pocket or Large.

Moleskine has collaborated with several brands, pop icons and artists to come up with limited edition notebook collections (also called Special Notebooks) that have wowed the world. Among their collections, here are a few that we absolutely love:

Moleskine x Alice in Wonderland
Tumble down the rabbit hole to Wonderland with these awesome notebooks from Moleskine. The notebook comes with Wonderland-themed stickers that will let you discover a whole new world through its pages of original illustrations from John Tenniel. The collection features five different notebooks in varying sizes and designs.
Moleskine x The Hobbit
With these Moleskine notebooks, you will be ready and prepared for the adventure of your life. Add a dash of epic and fun to your everyday adventures when using any of these 5 awesome notebooks from Moleskine. Among the five different notebooks, one of them is a clothbound notebook that is worthy of any great quests. It even comes with Thror’s Map and is enclosed in its very own custom, cardboard box! How cool is that?
Moleskine x LEGO
Build on your own creativity with this awesome limited edition collection of Lego notebooks from Moleskine. From themed stickers to a page for you to create your very own avatar, let your imagination and creativity flow when you use any of these special notebooks. This collection of notebooks is available in 2 different sizes and four different designs.
Moleskine x Star Wars
Doesn’t matter if you are with the Force or the Dark Side as these limited edition Stars Wars notebooks will definitely be a worthy companion on your travels through the galaxy. The collection features 4 notebooks with quotes from famous characters in the older Star Wars movies (Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Han Solo) and 2 notebooks in celebration of the latest Star Wars episode “The Force Awakens”.
Moleskine x Game of Thrones
Are you a supporter of the House of Stark, Lannister or Targaryen? Pick your side for this epic war for the Iron Throne and show your support as you choose the notebook that will guide you through the magical and dangerous world created by George R.R. Martin. The notebooks feature specially created graphics that will keep you entranced and keep your creativity coming.

    Other than these special notebooks, Moleskin also offers themed notebooks for you to note down your specific passion as well as tips on how to improve said passion and such. For artists looking to hone their creative skills, then Moleskine’s creativity notebooks would be of interest.

    Apart from their wide assortment of notebooks, Moleskine manufactures various bags, cases, wallets, pens, pencils and other accessories that would be a perfect travel companion for you. For instance, Moleskine has a Booklight that you can attach to the cover of your book so that you can read even when the light is off on the airplane or bus. Or if you need a simple luggage tag for your bag, Moleskine has two simple designs to offer. From these products, it is no wonder Moleskine is synonymous with travel.

    Moleskine Malaysia’s Paper Products for Everyone

    Find an awesome companion to take with you on your creative journeys from the array of Moleskine products that we have to offer. These products would not only make a perfect companion for you, but also a lovely gift for your loved ones. Carry your essentials with your wherever you go with Moleskine Bags. If you are looking for stationery products, then have a look at these stationery brands like Lamy, Faber Castell and Staedtler.