Looking for cosmetics that not only enhances your beauty but also cares for your skin? Tired of being disappointed when your skincare product does not live up to its claims and your expectations? Then, give Missha a try! A K-beauty brand that is knowledgeable in the complexity of the skin and its many conditions, Missha’s products will definitely satisfy your needs and more! Click here to learn about the brand or scroll down to browse through our awesome array of Missha products.

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Missha Malaysia: Blemish Balm for Your Beauty Needs

Missha Malaysia: The Golden Age of the Internet

Missha is a brand that is housed under a Korean-based company named Able C&C Co., Ltd. The brand did not open any flagship stores or sell its products via a cosmetic counter when it first started out in 2000. Instead, the brand begun selling its products via an online retailer called BeautyNet.co.kr in 2001. It would be a year later that the brand would open its first ever physical store. Now, the brand has opened many stores across the globe and the number is growing each day!

Missha Malaysia: Affordable Luxurious Beauty Products

What makes Missha popular is its belief that quality should be affordable. And this can be clearly seen in the reviews from many beauty bloggers when they have used Missha’s products. Unlike most other cosmetic companies that makes bold claims regarding the quality of their products but then deliver poor results, Missha’s products do live up to what the brand’s claims. Missha’s products are created based on the understanding of the skin’s complex structure and its many conditions.

While Missha is known first and foremost for their awesome B.B. Cream products, the brand does offer other beauty products that are also highly sought-after. We have chosen a few of the top products that we feel would be of interest to you:

  • Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence: Use this product as the first step to your daily skincare regiment! This treatment is a miracle water that would help hydrate, rejuvenate, improve fine lines and skin tone as well as bring out your skin’s natural glow. The product contains yeast extract that can help to maintain the health of your skin.
  • Missha M Magic Cushions SPF50+/PA+++: A foundation cushion that is available in 3 different shades. The Missha M Magic Cushion gives perfect coverage that is light and long lasting. It contains silica-bead powder that would help absorb sweat and sebum, giving your skin a nice healthy glow instead of a slick oily shine.
  • Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream: An inexpensive premium anti-aging cream that has been proven to work exceedingly well time and time again! The Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, restoring to its youthful glory! The cream has a light floral scent that is pleasing and calming to the senses.
  • Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++: This BB Cream was originally developed as a salve for patients who have undergone laser treatment. Other than providing perfect coverage, the BB Ceram has soothing and regenerative properties. It is one of Missha’s most popular product, with over 300 million sold worldwide. This BB Cream is available in 5 different shades.
  • Missha M Signature Vibrating Mascara (R): An easy to apply mascara that even beginners can use! The mascara’s formula is long lasting and is able to give your eyelashes a boost of volume and curl! This product is only available in Black.
  • Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer: Unhappy with how uneven your makeup looks? Then try this primer from Missha! The primer is guaranteed to smoothen and soften you skin, give your skin a beautiful, flawless finish. The product contains white clay that can help to control any excess sebum, ensuring that your skin would look clear and soft throughout the day.
  • Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25 PA++: This BB Cream would help soften the appearance of imperfections while giving your skin an even complexion that still looks natural. Other than that, the BB Cream contains other skincare properties that would help to treat your blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines, improving the look of your skin over time.

Missha Malaysia: The Stars among Us

Like many Korean brands, Missha’s ambassadors are no small players in South Korea’s entertainment industry. Among its many ambassadors are k-pop duo boyband TVXQ, international artist BoA, members of girl group Rainbow, Kara’s Goo Hara and many more. Their partnerships sometimes result in limited edition products. An example would be in 2012 when Missha launched a limited edition TVXQ perfume set as well as having a fan signing event at a Missha store located in Myeong-dong (one of Seoul’s main shopping district).

Missha Malaysia: A Brand that Cares and Beautifies

Satisfy your skincare and makeup needs with these awesome products from Missha! With a combination of knowledge of the skin’s needs, quality skincare ingredients and beautifying properties that surpasses all others, Missha is the brand for you and for your skin. If you find that Missha’s products may not be to your liking, then have a look at these K-beauty brands: