Miss Selfridge knows how to appeal to the younger generation by releasing trendy pieces after trendy pieces. You can never go wrong with the clothing from Miss Selfridge Malaysia since one single clothing item from them can go with literally any other pieces that you already own. Read more about Miss Selfridge Malaysia in the article here.

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Essential Pieces from Miss Selfridge Malaysia that All Millennials Need to Have

When you see those street fashion-wearing millennials on Instagram, you may think that it’s difficult to start dressing up like them. But, with brands like Miss Selfridge Malaysia, improving your wardrobe and your everyday style can be 100 times easier. We’ve listed the essential clothing pieces from Miss Selfridge Malaysia that can help you elevate your wardrobe to another level.

Miss Selfridge Dresses

The British brand is perhaps most known for its collection of dresses. It was the original line that was released after the brand was established in 1966. Miss Selfridge dresses range from day dresses to night dresses. Expect to find Miss Selfridge bodycon dresses, party dresses, petite dresses, little dresses, and even prom gowns on par with what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet.

Millennial these days are all about the bodycon dresses. The tight-fitting dress can easily be paired with a jacket or coat and shoes ranging from sneakers to high heels. It provides enough cleavage without revealing too much and it hugs your curves perfectly. Miss Selfridge bodycon dresses comes in a variety of materials but the most popular ones are velvet and satin.

Miss Selfridge Tops

Miss Selfridge provides more than just t-shirts and blouses. They carry trendy tops that can go well with skirts, culottes, and the classic blue jeans. The tops offered by Miss Selfridge Malaysia include bodysuits, crop tops and bralettes, sweatshirts, chamis and vests, bardots or off-shoulder tops, roll neck, along with the traditional shirts, tees, and blouses.

The popular trend today are off-shoulder tops paired with blue jeans, either pants or skirts. The style of the bardot or off-shoulder tops offered by Miss Selfridge varies; there are floral bardots, oversized bardots, and tight-fitting bardots in different colors and patterns. Ladies these days also enjoy wearing bodysuits, a one-piece garment that can be either worn under their main outfit or worn as the part of the main ensemble.

Miss Selfridge Coats and Jackets

You don’t have to live in a cold region to be able to rock a jacket or coat. Miss Selfridge have some of the most stylish outerwear around, ranging from parka to bomber jackets. For something a little edgier, you can opt for one of Miss Selfridge’s biker jackets. They offer the classic black leather biker jacket but they do have other variations like faux fur shearling biker jacket and the popular Miss Selfridge Red Debbie PU biker jacket.

However, the most popular type of jacket worn by the younger generation is the bomber jacket. The bombers are timeless and comes in variety of colors and patterns. Miss Selfridge’s bomber jackets are timeless and suitable to worn under any circumstances. Bomber jackets are available in various thickness as well so if you live in a tropical country, opt for the thinner bomber jacket so you can keep wearing them throughout the hot, tropical day.

Miss Selfridge Petite

For all small girls out there having a difficult time looking for clothing pieces, Miss Selfridges have dedicated a line specifically for you. They carry petite dresses, petite skirts, petite tops, and many more in a range of petite sizes. The items are designed specifically for ladies with a smaller stature so you won’t literally drown in your clothes.

Miss Selfridge “As Seen on Instagram”

Still not sure what essential items you should get to cop the trendy look millennials are rocking right now? You can always look through Miss Selfridge’s As Seen on Instagram collection. The items in this collection are curated based on what bloggers and influencers are wearing on the social media platform. It mainly comprises of athleisure wear pieces, bralets, oversized tees, vinyl A-line skirt, skater dresses, and ruffled bardot or off-shoulder tops.

Miss Selfridge Shoes and Accessories

To complete your Miss Selfridge millennial outfits, you need a trendy pair of shoes and complementary accessories. Miss Selfridge shoes range from booties to killer high heels. The shoes popular with millennials include the pointed toe heels, embroidered boots, chunky heels, and over-the-knee boots, popularized by the Kardashian/Jenners.

For the accessories, Miss Selfridge offers handbags, jewelry, and beauty items. You can choose between drawstring bags for a more casual look and plenty of room for your things, a mini cross-body bag for quick errands or a night out where you just need to bring the necessities, or the Miss Selfridge tote bags, suitable to be worn to the office or class.