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Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Price in Malaysia for October, 2018

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Mise En Scene Damage Hair Care Perfect Repair Or Styling Serum 70ml
RM 25.90

Mise en scene Damage Hair Care Perfect Repair & Styling Serum 70ml Get incredibly smooth and silky hair with this new improved treatment from Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum. Highly enriched with royal jelly, argan oil and rose water, Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum improves damaged hair effectively. Its Advanced Asian Beauty Formula intensively repairs and strengthens damaged hair to restore its suppleness. No rinse is needed after use. Styling Serum for Hair Styling Repair Serum for Damage Hair How to use: Dry lightly with a towel after shampping. Evenly apply a coin size of this serum on the entire hair. Dry hair completely. 這款蜜桃香髮油,光聽名字就好想買啊~~~實在是太燒人了!因為有用過它們家髮油的應該都知道,完全0化學感,天然不刺鼻的香氣是它受好評的原因♡每次用完都覺得又愛上自己的秀髮一次(對,就是這種自戀感)當然,這款可不是只有以它的香氣作為號召!它可是一款可以護髮跟造型兩用的髮油~等於說妳擁有一瓶,就可以在吹整的時候,先呵護妳的髮質,接下來在吹整的過程,不管妳是使用造型梳或是髮捲,只要有這款髮油,也會變得更好打理跟定型~簡直就是一舉兩得,超級方便啊!!!而且因為果香味道實在是太好聞了!用完之後根本就可以不擦香水,隨著風秀髮就散發出一種迷人的女性魅力啊~~~有了這款妳會發現,不論是燙過或是經常漂染的頭髮,仍然可以非常柔軟滑順且不易打結!就連用電棒都可以保護頭髮免於過熱喔 Styling Serum 適合造型頭髮 Repair Serum 適合染燙受損頭髮 #haircare #hair #hairproduct #korea #serum #mise

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