Milux Malaysia is a reputable brand of home living and kitchen appliances that offers quality and affordability. The brand is a name that has proven itself through the test of time, and still continues to do so. Check out their wide array of products that will suit your needs and budget here!


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Milux MVC-821 RM 188.00 Lazada (sponsored)
Milux MOT-25 RM 330.00 Lazada (sponsored)
Milux MSM-400 RM 240.98 PGMall
Milux MSM-9906 RM 129.98 PGMall
Milux MSM-1000 RM 628.00 Shopee
Milux MSM-600 RM 377.98 Youbeli
Milux MMC-1500 RM 207.00 PGMall
Milux MVC-8200 RM 134.50 Shopee
Milux MCF-C112 RM 198.00 Lazada
Milux MSI-1328 RM 38.00 Shopee
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Milux Milux MVC-821

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Milux: Homegrown Brand for Kitchen and Home Appliances

About Milux Malaysia

Milux is a home and kitchen appliance company that hailed in Malaysia and is among the long running brands in the country. Milux is formerly known as the Euro Uno Sales & Services Sdn Bhd, and it is now currently owned by Milux Corporation Berhad, one of the biggest Malaysian corporations that manufacture a wide array of gas, kitchen, home, and electrical appliances. The inception of this brand was in 1977, and since then it always sought after providing innovative and high-quality products, which is based on the company’s philosophy that greatly emphasizes on “Quality, Safety, and Reliability.”

With more than 3 decades of existence in the market and provision of high-quality products, Milux has become one of the preferred brands in home and kitchen appliances in Malaysia; with the length of their expertise, they are also hailed as a specialist in household gas in Southeast Asia. On top of their products is their after sales service, which provides a top-notch experience with the aid of their excellent customer service that greatly delivers satisfaction to their customers.

Why Is Milux a Preferred Brand of Kitchen and Home Appliances?

  • Proven track record of greatness – more than 30 years in the industry.
  • Their products are some of the most affordable in the market.
  • They have a wide array of products to choose from which will surely tailor fit to your budget and preference.
  • Milux is hailed as a major brand for household appliances in Southeast Asia.

Water Heater

Whether you’re living in the northern part of the world or in the southern part you could never go wrong with a warm shower readily available in your bathroom, that is why water heaters have become an integral part of every bathroom in every household. Milux Water Heaters is the brand that could provide an all in one shower experience with its innovative technology. Milux Water Heaters are equipped with an Anti-burning technology features temperature control and flow switch.

  • Temperature control – a switch that will enable the users to adjust the warmth of the water according to his preference.
  • Flow Switch - A feature that also function as a safety device because it works like a sensor that will only activate the heating feature if cold water passes through the heater. This ensures that it does not heat up water more than it should be.

Another stellar feature of Milux Water Heaters is their layers of safety features which involve the overall build of the equipment. Its circuitry has a built-in lightning surge protector that will prevent the current to pass through the water in cases of a short circuit.


Milux manufactures different forms of fans, they have wall fan, stand fan, ceiling fan, and floor fan in their product menu. Primarily, their fans feature the following:

  • Blades made from aluminum steel.
  • Innovative blade design that’s engineered to deliver a stronger breeze to provide maximum comfort and cooling experience.
  • For higher end fans, they all have infrared remotes that will aid users in regulating the fan speed from the comforts of their bed or couch.
  • They boast unique designs that set them apart from the rest of the fans from other brands.

Kitchen Appliances

Milux Kitchen Appliances offer the widest range of appliances for your cooking, baking, and other food preparation needs; it is also one of the most innovative among their product range and in the market. Some of their famous and innovative kitchen appliances are the following:

Slow Juicer

The Milux slow juicer can make healthy juices for you and your family. Their slow juicer is equipped with a technology that will keep the cellular structure of the juices intact in order to prevent them from oxidation and separation. Other than juicing fruits and vegetables, Milux juicers can also create porridge or soup with its capability to peel grains. Your juice will surely be smooth and thick with the aid of Milux Slow Juicers.

10-in-1 Multi-Cooker

A hybrid looking rice cooker than can cook not just rice but almost all sorts of dishes. Its function includes boiling, steaming, braise, hotpot, slow cook, grill, fry, roast, deep fry and stir fry. This cooker can operate with the aid of a timer or simply with the aid of human intervention. This is a great kitchen appliance for those users who live in small apartments, studio units, or simply for those who wants to save some space in their kitchen by buying fewer appliances.

Cooker Hob

Cooking will surely be a pleasurable experience with Milux Cooker Hob. Their cooker hob comes in different sizes, which features either one or two hobs. One of the technologies that their cooker hobs come with is the double jet system, which allows the gas to flow smoothly and consistently, which will provide the burner with the right amount of gas that will suffice in keeping the fire burning with the right intensity appropriate to your cooking.