Hair is the most important asset that we should take good care of. With Milbon hair care products you can achieve healthy and shiny hair. Here at iprice Malaysia, we offer you a wide range of Milbon hair care products for great prices. Click here to find out more.


Milbon Malaysia: Your One True Professional Hair Care Brand

Have you wondered how does the environment that you are exposed to affect your hair? Dusty, hot and humid environment can cause your hair to be unhealthy. Sadly, environment is not our only problem. Our active lifestyle today also places great pressure on our crown jewel. Working in an air conditioned room all day long or travelling throughout the day to get our work done can destroy our shiny hair. In addition to that, we often colour, straighten and blow dry our hair. This might seem trivial but you might not realise that whatever extreme changeover you do to your hair can rip of the nutrition in your hair causing it to look dry and frizzy. However beautifully coloured hair or perfectly curled hair is something that we can’t say no to. However we can achieve all these and still maintain well-nourished and moisturised scalp and hair through Milbon hair care range

About Milbon Malaysia

Milbon first began its journey in this hair care industry when it started to manufacture hair cosmetics for professional use 35 years ago. Realising the potential in this industry, Milbon produced rods for hair perming purpose. They also developed their marketing strategy by selling the rods together with perming chemicals. This strategy with no doubt caught people’s attention widely making Milbon to be recognised as a successful cold perming chemicals manufacturer. In addition to that, Milbon and Eugene, a French company became partners in 1985 and started producing hair colours. This further strengthened the image of Milbon among the international companies around the world. Today, Milbon is known as the top company in Japan that manufactures high quality hair cosmetics for the use of professionals.

Milbon Malaysia: Why Milbon is Essential To Your Hair?

As humans, all we want is to live beautifully. We make choices in our life with the hope that these choices and decisions bring us to that ultimate goal. Likewise we need to put the place the equal importance into the appearance and health of our hair. Hair frames our face and beautiful hair that shines and flows makes us beautiful as well. Milbon seeks to give confidence to the people out there to embrace and express their unique individuality and glossy hair.

  • Milbon has a strong bond with professional stylist simply because their mutual love in understanding and transforming our hair into something beautiful and inspiring. They work together to bring the hair care industry a notch above the rest. In addition to that, this hair care brand with the help and support of hair stylist encourages us to present ourselves confidently and gracefully.
  • Milbon is not about machines that manufacture chemicals for the use of hair. Instead, it creates magic from the best of both worlds – the scientific and the artistic world. Milbon is a perfect combination that was born after years of research and development in the labs. Using advanced technology and innovative invention to meet the needs and demands of the consumers, the team and people behind Milbon are definitely dedicated in what they are doing.
  • Milbon defines unique experience for you and for your hair. Milbon’s high quality hair care range that promises good results is something that you can never resist. From the start of your hair care regime to the end, you can feel and enjoy the quality and the benefit of Milbon thoroughly.
  • We all love something that smells wonderful. Milbon products are designed in such way that the beautifully scented products will make your hair smell heavenly too. If you wish for a soothing, refreshing, clean and delightfully scented hair, Milbon is definitely the right one. It makes you happy by keeping your hair luxurious and giving it a pleasant smell.

Milbon Malaysia: Milbon Hair Care Range

Milbon has a wide range of hair care that caters to specific needs of your hair. From dry to damaged hair, you can count on Milbon to fix it for you by using their shampoos, conditioner, treatment product and many more. Click here to learn more about Milbon hair care products.

  • Milbon Smooth Collection – For textural concerns
  • Milbon Moisture Collection – For dull, dry hair
  • Milbon Repair Collection – For severely damaged hair
  • Milbon Styling Collection – For hair styling purpose

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Our hair care regime should always be at the top of our priority list and with Milbon you don’t have to worry anymore. Milbon promises smooth, shiny and moisturised tresses. At iprice Malaysia we offer you amazing products from Milbon for great prices. With this easy and hassle-free online store, your journey to a beautiful hair is just a click away. Have fun shopping!