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Regardless of whether you are a child or an adult, we are sure that you will love these Mickey Mouse products that we have to offer. Click here to learn more about this lovable character or scroll down to browse through the products that we have to offer.

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Mickey Mouse The Party Has Arrived Boy's T-Shirt
RM 41.70

ALL THE WAY TO THE TOPMickey Mouse may have found his start with the Silent Generation, 90+ years ago. Which would make Mickey's rise to fame way back in 1928. Mickey and his friends have been loved for an incredible 90+ years -- from the Baby Boomers to the Millenials and the young Generation Z-ers of today. "Yowza!" This officially licensed Disney Mickey Mouse the party has arrived boy's t-shirt is perfect for the little Gen Z Mickey Mouse fan in your life! Help your little one be the life of the party (even if it's just at daycare). He can maybe even meet some new Mickey Mouse fan friends when he wears this tee with Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto!FUN DETAILSThe party has officially started when your little one walks through the door wearing this officially licensed Disney Mickey Mouse the party has arrived boy's t-shirt. He will stay comfortable, day and night, with this 100% cotton tee. And he will surely love the colorful graphic of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto printed on the front of this blue tee. Once A Fan, Always A FANThe entire Mickey Mouse franchise has been a hit since day one! We here at Fun.com truly believe that Mickey Mouse fans are fans for life. From the happy coos of a 9-month-old baby to the reminiscent smiles and laughs of your 90-year-old grandma. There is something for everyone when it comes to Mickey Mouse. And this officially licensed Disney Mickey Mouse the party has arrived boy's t-shirt is the perfect tee to start your little one on the joyful journey of a Mickey Mouse filled life!

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Mickey Mouse Malaysia - The World’s Most Recognizable Anthropomorphic Mouse

Who isn’t familiar with this funny cartoon character that is the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company? Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 and officially debuted in the short film Steamboat Willie, one of the very first cartoons that had sound. He has since appeared in many other films (over 130, in fact). Other than films, the cartoon character can be seen in also comic books, television series and video games. The character is mainly identifiable by his signature round face and round ears.

Origins of the Lovable Mouse

The idea for Mickey Mouse was inspired by a tame mouse that Walt Disney had on his desk. As Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks worked to find another character to replace the character Oswald the Rabbit, Ub Iwerks came up with the new mouse character for Disney. At first, Walt Disney wanted to name it “Mortimer Mouse”, but it was soon changed to “Mickey Mouse” (some speculating that it was due to Walt Disney’s wife not liking the name “Mortimer”).

Throughout the years, Mickey Mouse’s design has been altered. The part that remains the same is the circular design of his head, particularly his ears. It is this design that makes him easily recognizable by adults and children of all ages. Another part of him that remains the same is his hands. Each of Mickey Mouse’s hands has only 3 fingers and a thumb. The reasoning was because having five digits would make each of his “hand look like a bunch of bananas”. At first, Mickey Mouse didn’t wear any gloves. But a year later, he was given white gloves to wear as a way of contrasting his hands against his body. The use of the white gloves became an influential design for many cartoon characters, particularly the later Disney characters.

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Malaysia

Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character that is no stranger to any child or adult. He is so popular that he has appeared in comic books, television series as well as has his very own merchandise. The world of fame can be a lonely place. But not so for Mickey Mouse, who is constantly surrounded by friends. Among the many characters he appears alongside with, here are the main ones that make up Mickey Mouse’s world:

Minnie Mouse
She is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse and has almost the same design as him. She has roughly the same design as him, round ears and round face. What would differentiate her design from his would be the big bow she wears (that is also part of her silhouette), the dresses/skirts that she wears and having long eyelashes. Minnie Mouse is described as being sweet and fun-loving. She is also intelligent (more so than Mickey Mouse) and is the one keeps the order in her circle of friends.
Donald Duck
He is among Mickey Mouse’s circle of best friends. As his name suggests, he is an anthropomorphic duck that wears a sailor shirt, cap and a red or black bow tie. Unlike the rest of Mickey Mouse’s friends, Donald Duck is known for his fiery temper. Often times, his temper tends to land him in hot water and has gotten him into trouble with his girlfriend Daisy Duck, who is annoyed with his anger issues. While Donald Duck can be loud, rude and impatient, he has been shown to be loyal and is always ready to help a friend in need.
Daisy Duck
She is Donald Duck’s girlfriend and is a close friend of Minnie Mouse. She is a little like Donald Duck, wherein she has almost the same temper as him. But she tends to be far more sophisticated and has better control of her temper than he does. Unlike Minnie Mouse, who has a shy, more demure personality, Daisy Duck is confident and aggressive. She is a fashion forward diva and is shown to care deeply for those she calls friends.
He is an anthropomorphic dog, who is tall in stature. He is depicted as not being very intelligent, is clumsy and also incompetent, hence his name. But he can be lovable and very charming. There are times when his close friends, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, find him annoying, but they still care for him and count him as one of their close friends.
He is Mickey Mouse’s pet dog and closest companion. Pluto is a very special character in Mickey’s world, in the sense that he isn’t anthropomorphic (beyond the broad range of facial expressions). He is a well-trained dog, who, like his master, tends to get into a lot of trouble. He can be extremely loyal, but occasionally he would be fussy as well as argue with Mickey Mouse or other people.
He is an anthropomorphic cat that is the arch-nemesis of Mickey Mouse. The character has been described as a heartless villain. In any roles that he appears in, Pete is thought to be monstrous as well as being feared by most and challenged by few. The character is driven by his own selfishness and twisted sense of entitlement. Always, it is up to Mickey Mouse and/or his friends to put an end to Pete’s schemes.

    A Cartoon Character loved by Adults and Children Alike

    Relive your childhood with these awesome Mickey Mouse products that we have to offer. Bring the magic of Walt Disney into your home with these Mickey Mouse Home & Living products. If your child loves Walt Disney, then have a look at Mickey Mouse Toys and Mickey Mouse Nursery for some awesome gifts for your child.