If you’re an avid driver or you just simply enjoy cruising around town, you need the best of the best to equip your car with. Michelin tyres are considered the best in the market thanks to their high-quality design and material. Find out more about Michelin tyre in Malaysia in the article below.

Are Michelin tyres good? | Why are Michelin tyres the best? | How do I know when my tyres need replacing? | How long should a Michelin tyre last?


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Michelin Tyre Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to upgrade the tyres on your car? Invest a little more on Michelin tyres and you will have reliable wheels for years to come.

Are Michelin tyres good?

As a brand, Michelin is known as one of the best tyre brands in the market today. Hailing from France, this tyre brand is used by both casual drivers to professional racers due to its performance, reliability, and quality. While it might cost more than local or regional tyre brands, you can always rely on Michelin tyres to get you to the places you need to go.

Why are Michelin tyres the best?

Michelin only uses high-grade rubber to manufacture their tyres. This is to ensure that there are a lower defect rate and a higher fuel efficiency level.

Where is Michelin tyre made?

Michelin tyres are made in manufacturing plants across the world. Some of Michelin’s factories are located in France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Serbia, Italy, the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, and more.

How do I know when my Michelin tyres were made?

You can find a serial number imprinted on all Michelin tyres. The serial number starts with “DOT” and it follows 12 numbers. The last three to four numbers indicate the week of manufacture. For instance, if the number states 1310, it means the tyre was made in week 13 of 2010.

How do I know when my tyres need replacing?

You should replace your tyres when they have visible signs of wear and tear. There are 4 different types of wear patterns: sever underinflation, overinflation, and poor alignment. If your tyre doesn’t have the right inflation even after re-pumping it with air, it might be time to replace it with a new one. Be that as it may, you should always change your tyres if they are older than 5 years old.

How long should a Michelin tyre last?

A Michelin tyre can last up to 10 years if maintained properly. This includes pumping the proper amount of air pressure, regularly sending it for a service, and maintaining the tyre rotations. You don’t have to wait until your tyres are 10 years old to bring it to a service centre; you should periodically service your tyres to get professional input on how to maintain the performance of your Michelin tyres.

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