Iconic and glamorous, Michael Kors bags are famous among fashionistas, bag collectors and enthusiasts. Experience the sexy allure of Michael Kors bags below.


Michael Kors Bags Malaysia - Sporty, Sexy & Always Glam!

Since its launch in 1981, Michael Kors' brand has emerged as a global fashion powerhouse that sparks a worldwide fashion phenomenon. Imbued with the innate inspiration of glamour, Michael Kors bags are truly the bags that you desire deep down inside your heart. When it has been said that "clothes make the man", Michael Kors bag definitely makes the woman because it is the IT bag for the aspiring and ambitious ladies out there!

What Makes Michael Kors Bags Special

As the design often reflects the personality or the philosophy of the designer, Michael Kors bags are no more different than that. Here lies the genius of Michael Kors that we can see in his designs, being sport and casual but also a bit indulgent, glamorous and luxurious at the same time. This illustrates the creative beauty that makes a Michael Kors Bag so appealing that it has already sparked a massive movement dedicated to owning and collecting Michael Kors bags. How do you combine two contrasting looks such as simplicity and sophistication at the same time? A poor combination of those looks will produce a design that is seemingly trying too-hard-to-impress while losing its own identity and appeal. As simple as a Michael Kors bag can get, there is always this element of subtlety that Michael Kors loves to incorporate in all of his designs. Arguably, this element of subtlety is what leads many women to love and collect Michael Kors bag; it is a bag unlike any other because it is pure, unadulterated glamour.

Genuine Interior

Many people often fall to the trap of focusing too much on the exterior of a bag that they lose touch with an equally important aspect of a good bag: the interior. As Michael Kors bag is very popular in the market, this leads to many fake Michael Kors bags being produced as many try to make money from the reputation of Michael Kors. However, a true Michael Kors bag does not use stripes, polka dots, leopard, no animal prints of any kind, flowers and others in its lining. The signature design of the Michael Kors bag is that it plays the art of subtlety too well; the honeycomb pattern employed by Michael Kors in its lining is usually subtle and not shiny as there is no sharp contrast. Despite many variations of interior Michael Kors bag designs, you will never find a sharp contrast in all of them.

Impressive Michael Kors Bags Collections

Whether tote bags, satchel bags or leather bags, Michael Kors boasts an impressive collection of bags that will blow your minds. They are truly crafted with much glam and glitz that you can proudly bring them around. When you enter a room, people will definitely recognise and notice your Michael Kors bag.

Michael Kors Savannah

The Michael Kors Savannah collection is the latest collection of this season! Featuring sleek functionality and expert craftsmanship, the Michael Kors Savannah line seeks to redefine the true meaning of ''simplicity at its finest''. Available in patent leather, Saffiano leather, metallic Saffiano leather or others, Michael Kors Savannah satchel bags are not only marvellous to be worn daily but also help to get you organized with an abundance of well-thought designed pockets.

Michael Kors Selma Tote

Timeless and classy, the Michael Kors Selma Tote is superbly designed with a smart, structured shape and subtle logo detailing. Its sleek silhouette gives this tote a sophisticated touch of ageless beauty; never out of fashion. In fact, the Michael Kors Selma Tote is one of the popular Michael Kors bags that has sold over hundreds alone every week. In other words, the Selma can be considered one of the hottest selling Michael Kors bags in the market.

Michael Kors Annable Tote

Get your luxurious yet laid back look with a Michael Kors Annabelle Tote bag. Wearing the Michael Kors Annabelle Tote bag is definitely a fashion statement that shows you are always perfect for every day. Featuring ample room to store all of your essentials, the Michael Kors Annabelle Tote bag is crafted from soft pebbled leather that makes it exquisite and delicate, it is a beauty to behold. Sporting the casual, unpretentious luxurious style has never been that easier with Michael Kors Annable Tote bag.

Wearing A Michael Kors Bag

Master of minimalist yet modern designs, the Michael Kors bags will never disappoint you as they are the statement that makes everyone in awe of your sophisticated and luxurious bag. If there is a definition for perfection, Michael Kors will be the one that encapsulates it. Elegantly simple, the Michael Kors bag is a blend of simplicity and sophistication, all in one. Another accessory that will pair well with your Michael Kors bag is definitely a Michael Kors wallet. Browse through the range of Michael Kors wallets to enhance and complement your Michael Kors bag!