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Michael Kors Malaysia – the world luxury fashion labels

For centuries, people adore designer fashion items for their luxurious touch on daily lifestyle. While we simply under appreciate the true values of branded goods, those aristocracy men and women perceive luxuriousness far beyond the price tag. Having more extravagant adornments gives them an utmost satisfaction as these items incontrovertibly associate with social status and life quality. It is every designer’s aspiration to influence the majority of shoppers with the idea of an affordable luxuriousness and no one could do it better than Michael Kors!

This New York based designer is no stranger in the fashion industry. Famous from the hit reality show Project Runway where he served as one of the judges, Michael Kors is globally recognised for his leather collection of handbags and purses that are seen in every corner of the world’s fashion capitals from Paris to Milan. Michael Kors is the father of his namesake company Michael Kors Holdings. He established his fashion empire in 1981. Despite being a “newbie” in the luxury fashion market, Michael Kors could still quickly claimed its title of being one of the world’s most valuable brands and is adored by women everywhere for their modern and minimalistic designs. Some of the most popular products include:

  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Fulton Tote
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Gansevoort Tote
  • Grayson Satchel
  • Hamilton Satchel
  • Michael Kors Messenger Bag

It is no wonder his designs are favoured by the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama who has been spotted wearing his designs countless times.

Michael Kors have collected a number of honourable awards throughout his career:

  • Menswear Designer of the Year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (2003)
  • Fashion Designer of The Year by Marymount University (2007)
  • Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from CFDA (2010)
  • Oliver R. Grace Award for Distinguished Service in Advancing Cancer Research (2010)

Michael Kors owns the fashion world like no other from runway to street style!

People generally classify luxury fashion as not suitable for casual occasions. And Michael Kors wanted to redefine the position of branded labels, as explained in one of his interviews:

“People want luxury and quality but not something so precious that they will only ever use it on special occasions. I wouldn’t want a woman to say: “I can’t go to the supermarket carrying this bag”. She should be able to take it to the gym, to work, wear it at the weekend…” - Michael Kors

What set Michael Kors apart from his fellow designers is the simplicity and versatility in every design from handbags, shoes to watches, sunglasses, giving everyone the ability to pull off an elegant look without being overdresses with branded labels.

Michael Kors Malaysia handbags, fragrances, Michael Kors watches and accessories are the must-have items for your closet

  1. Michael Kors leather handbags: these sophisticated luggage handbags, made from the finest leather material for a feather-like sensation. A Michael Kors bag can accompany you across the globe in style!
  2. Michael Kors timeless trench coat: their trench coat collection comes in different designs (full length and jacket length) with neat sewing line and irresistible retro touch for a complete Parisian look anytime of the day.
  3. Michael Kors cashmere sweater: the perfect outfit is usually the simplest one and when it comes to classiness, Michael Kors surely will capture your heart with its ever in-style cashmere sweater for all year round.
  4. Michael Kors gold watches: The line of watches is undoubtedly the most sought-after Michael Kors’ products. No one can really keep their eyes off these impeccable golden chronograph watches that do wonder on the wrist.
  5. Michael Kors aviator sunglasses: adapted from the iconic aviator sunnies, Michael Kors’ golden metal frame version have got to win everyone’s heart, it is Gold we are talking about anyway!
  6. Michael Kors fragrance: Beside the iconic fashion items, Michael Kors has also shaken up the fragrance industry with its “head turner” Signature Eau De Parfum, Rollerball & Lip Luster and more.

Michael Kors' facts you probably didn’t know about

  1. Before realizing his passion for Fashion, Michael Kors was initially appealed by the theater. He modelled for Lucky Charms cereal commercial at the age of 4.
  2. His mother’s wedding dress was designed by Michael Kors himself when he was only 5 years old! Michael Kors was endowed with a natural aesthetic perception way before he attended any art class. He simply didn’t like the excessive bows on the dress and persuaded his mom to adjust the dress his way.
  3. The ultimate inspiration for Michael Kors is his passion for women clothing. He loves to see every woman walks confidently in the best outfit and shines with their brightest smile.
  4. With that simple goal, Michael Kors designs for women of all sizes. His fashion is therefore affordable and suitable to everyone.
  5. The glorious fashion empire that worth billions of dollar under his namesake is the result of many ups and downs throughout both his personal and career life. He used to be bullied as a kid and as any other entrepreneurs, there was a time when he struggled to survive the financial crisis during the 1990s.
  6. Fans of Michael Kors include Jessica Chastain, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Heidi Klum among other famous figures around the world who have been spotted with their own ‘MK’ piece.

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